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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The unacceptable face of Islam

Above is the face of an Islamist, Mohamed-Merah. Below are the faces of the Rabbi and little children he murdered in cold blood simply for being Jews

He had already assassinated four French soldiers in France, his countrymen, for what he regarded as a higher ideal.

Shot dead as he tried to escape after admitting his guilt, no doubt he regarded himself as a martyr for the Islamic cause of world domination as he prepared to be met in paradise by his allocation of virgins. 

Perhaps Ken Livingstone will regard this episode as unfortunate timing coming after his grubbing around for votes in his campaign to be elected as Mayor of London. He can pick out any sermon or quotation to suit his case, as do many others who tell us about the so called religion of peace, but what does it say about a system that encourages such outrages when the majority can appear outwardly passive

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