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Friday, 30 December 2011

Bazzer's world

Ed Thornton for the Church Times has produced a summary of what our Archbishops and a few bishops had to say in their Christmas messages about social division but it was this reference that had me digging deeper: The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, preaching in Llandaff Cathedral, said that the Occupy protesters had “reminded us that in Jesus, the view of God as a holy, set-apart God has been shattered for ever”.

Dr Morgan started his Christmas day sermon with a reference to the Occupy protesters. Clearly disappointed that they didn't give him another publicity opportunity by choosing his cathedral for their protest he had some harsh words for St Paul's cathedral clergy when he seemed to be likening them to the Pharisees. Not cleanliness next to Godliness but, rather, filth is more holy appears to be the new message. I can see what he is trying to say but he misses the point that in removing the 'otherness' of God everything is removed with it as witnessed by people voting with their feet and emptying churches. 

The Archbishop's true agenda appears in a follow-up interview for the Western Mail when he said that he was 'holding on to the hope that the church will accept women bishops before he steps down'. This is to be his legacy regardless of the divisions caused and the example of his US counterpart. He said: “The thing about Wales is we haven’t got extreme views and it’s quite a small church and you know one another individually and therefore you are able to talk to one another. Certainly, I haven’t felt any rancour from those who hold a different position.” [Apparently he ignores them - Ed.]

It might be 'quite a small church' to him but for others it is part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in which the overwhelming majority of Christians hold true to the faith, dwarfing the three-vote margin that so disappoints the Archbishop. If he is so interested in the wishes of the majority, why does he not look to the whole church rather than just his own little world becoming a symbol of dis-unity in the process? His Christmas day sermon is full of references to Jesus breaking down barriers and the prominence He gave to women but sadly for Bazzer, not as apostles. Christ set us a different example, an example the wider church is content to follow without putting a personal spin on it. The leader of the Church in Wales would be better served doing the same instead of looking to Christ only if it suits his argument.


  1. I once heard Archbishop Michael Ramsey in public conversation with Billy Graham. Billy Graham was slick, had all the sound bites and seemed to be running rings around the retired and tongue-tied archbishop. Until Michael Ramsey piped up 'Billy G, Billy G, I p-p-p-p-pray for you every day. I pray that God may bless the things you do so very well, and that he may stop the things you do so very badly!' Billy Graham was speechless.

    Maybe we can make a similar prayer for Archbishop Barry on this New Year's Eve. As well as a similar prayer for you; and for us all.

  2. With some of the Arch and other Bishops the Catholics in the CofE don't need any enemies. ...we've got 'em already!!!!

  3. Is there no limit to Barry Boy 's hypocricy?
    Condeming St Paul's London for their'threat of legal action', or,and, here's a good one, 'being wiser after the event.'

    Question is, whether he is any wiser following the Rhondda scandal last May? Calling for Police protection when church protesters camped in his garden. Is he any wiser following his treatment of the former vicar of Ystrad Mynach in 2006 when the CPS found no case to answer? Is he any 'wiser' now that his diocese has the lowest church attendance in the Church in Wales regardless it having two bishops?

    Is there not anything too low for this Prince of Darkness ? Does he not feel any shame or a slight indication that he is aware how much an idiot he really is? Obviously not. Will someone please hit me again, I can still hear him!

    1. Anonymous,you have missed one grave error of His Darkness which gave birth and manifested his hypocrisy, not to mention the depth he is willing to stoop.

      In 1997, along with three members of the judiciary, armed with the Constitution of a disestablished church, and,within the confines of one of Her Majesty's Court rooms, under the guise and seal of the 'Royal Courts of Justice', impersonated a Court of Law, in order to depose a whistleblowing cleric on false allegations of adultery. All to the tune of £250,000 in one week, with an estimated further £100,000 beyond. In the words of one of his 'legal' henchmen, "How long is a piece of string".

      That these were 'Kangaroo' proceedings have not been denied by the 'Office for Judicial Complaints' 2012 -2013

  4. I recall Archbishop Barry preaching in a Church with an Anglo Catholic following, and ++Barry told us "we love you!" He was clearly making the point that by reason of the tradition in this Church he recognised us as something separate from 'his Church'. So he was ignoring 'any rancour ' on this occasion.I spoke to him at the back of Church afterwards,and he did not seem to like the drift of my conversation, so he turned his back on me,and again ignored any rancour. What a duck ,but no water -wish the font had not been empty!

  5. I might add that ++ Barry does not wish to be part of the One Holy Catholic Church, he strives for his own national Protestant Church of Wales.