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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"Alice in Wonderland" - Wales Edition

Journeying into what has become for me one of the most fertile areas in the blogshere, I have heard of two more harebrained ideas in support of what is now the main aim of the Church in Wales, to be relevant to society.  

The first was in a letter to clergy of the Archbishop's diocese urging them to keep their churches open during December and January to provide food and shelter for 'vetted' homeless people. This came in the wake of the Occupy Cardiff protesters rejection of his suggestion to camp around his cathedral.  Lucky for him. That spared him and the protesters the indignity of Dean 'Napoleon' telling them to ****** off! It must have come as some surprise to the Archbishop to be told that many individuals as well as church congregations were already donating food and financially supporting experts in the field to do the job properly.

Experts rarely grab the headlines. They press on with their jobs while funding is squeezed. But fear not. Early next year at a cost of just £10 per person, the Church in Wales and the Institute of Rural Health will be holding a series of one-day training events for clergy and lay people with the aim of helping people with mental health issues. In a statement the Church in Wales announced, "We hope this course will raise people's awareness of mental health issues and provide a basic introduction in how to care for people in need." 

As one highly qualified health professional put it to me: "Splendid - it takes health care professionals years (plus the same again in front line experience) to learn how to deal with patients with all sorts of conditions, and yet the CinW fly-by-night do gooders can learn it all for £10 and a quick PowerPoint presentation".

Well intentioned no doubt but a dangerous path while, perversely, the spiritual needs of those who keep the faith continue to be neglected. Are they irrelevant to society?

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  1. Love the picture! Whilst searching for images of the good Archbishop, you came up. Quite apt!