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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

God's call

Dim ond munud Samuel! We have a new agenda here in Wales.

Reports of the Welsh Ordinariate exploration day have appeared here and here. From a lay perspective friends who attended tell me that they were encouraged by the positive mood of those who had travelled the length of Wales and from across the border to be there. Mgr Keith Newton, the Ordinary, spoke of Christ's prayer for unity and the generous opportunity offered by Pope Benedict to keep the Anglo Catholic tradition alive in communion with Rome as part of the first century church from which the Anglican church had departed.

Nothing better illustrates this than the final paragraph of Fr Mark Zorab's report linked above: "For many, the new Church in Wales and its Governing Body insisting on a new creed for the faithful and ordinands, that they are obliged to consent to their new found self appointed authority to change matters of doctrine and order within the church, will be a decisive factor."

Loyalty in Wales has had no reward. The Way looks clear.

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