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Saturday, 19 November 2011

'Archbishop invalidates Cathedral Insurance by Inviting in Protestors?'

That was the question posed by a worried parishioner in the Diocese of Llandaff who emailed me after reading of the latest stunt of the publicity seeking Archbishop of Wales who said he would allow anti-capitalist protesters to shelter overnight in Llandaff Cathedral if they set up camp there. The reaction of the Dean pictured above with the Archbishop incognito was not recorded but if my memory serves me right, according to the Llandaffchester Chronicles, 'Napoleon' would have some well chosen expletives to make his point. 

Tucked away in a hollow miles away from Cardiff Castle where protesters had earlier set up  camp before being moved on, Llandaff Cathedral is a most unlikely setting for a visible protest apart from distracting worshippers and the many weddings held there. Dr Morgan says that the Cathedral stands there as "a place of dialogue". That is not how traditionalists in the Church in Wales see it having been marginalised by their own Archbishop. Charity begins at home Barry.

More news from Wales Online about 'Occupy Cardiff' here and here. Disappointment for 'Bazzer' here but fortunate for Mr Dean!


  1. Looks like His Grace’s influence continues to wane – he can’t even get his cathedral to be used as the centre of a demo. Despite his offer of free overnight accommodation, no one turned up. Perhaps the location of Llandaff Cathedral is a parable for the church in modern society? Hidden away in a little valley on the margins of the metropolis: ignored, unseen, unheard and utterly irrelevant.
    Fr Illegitimus B'Astard

  2. Fr Illegitimus,I realise that what Barry is trying to prove with his so called 'moral response' to the protesters is beyond the wit of most serious people.

    Perhaps that useless press officer persuaded him that a display of rampant pureility would increase his flagging status?

    One can't help but sense a touch of the apocalyptic in all this.