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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer holidays

Along with some of the rest of the population, the Prime Minister and his Chancellor have scraped enough together to take a Summer holiday - or two! David Cameron chose Tuscany while George Osborne has chosen Hollywood to provide some relief from the miserable economic outlook to which he has become accustomed during his stewardship.

With the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Spain, William Hague has been left in charge to cope with any little difficulties that may arise to accompany the continuing problems facing the Government such as poor economic growth, the phone-hacking scandal, the NHS and defence to name but a few.

We all need a break!


  1. More cracked record envy politics. Shall we have the Labour lot back to sort out all the mess which they created? But of course that was always some else's fault, external factors, global crises, etc, etc. That would be the same Labour government which compounded the immigration problems you go about. The same Labour government which created the multiculturalism you are uncomfortable with. And the same Labour government which promoted the secularisation of our society.

  2. Thank you for your comment 'Anonymous'.
    I think I can safely say that it speaks for itself while Britain burns in a frenzy of Big Society localism.