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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wales Ordinariate Exploration Group

Belmont Abbey is the venue chosen to begin the process of exploration and discernment for those who are interested in knowing more about the Ordinariate. Anglo Catholic laity and clergy will meet there with the Ordinary, Monsignor Keith Newton, on Saturday 5 November 2011. The following details have now emerged: 

11.00am tea/coffee on arrival at Belmont Abbey 'Parish Centre'
11.30am Keynote Address (Monsignor Newton)
12.45pm Midday Office with the Belmont Abbey Community, followed by lunch
1.45pm 'Open Session' - further questions & answers, discussion, and briefing on plans for continuing further exploration after the day
3.00pm conclude with a brief Act of Devotion and depart

How ironic that 'traditionalists' in Wales have their own Archbishop "Bazzer" of Neath to thank for this development. Since the retirement of their much respected Provincial Assistant Bishop David Thomas, the Archbishop has shown remarkable contempt for traditionalists in Wales. In fact, his concern for followers of a false prophet over the faithful in his own church earned him the title of Grand Mufti of Wales in the Llandaffchester Chronicles. Helping him to rub in the salt have been members of the clergy with an eye on preferment who have sold out to His Darkness's vision of a church that is 'more relevant to society' than a vision of heaven on earth and who now belittle those who remain faithful to the teaching of the Universal Church. Their sneers that an Ordinariate in Wales had a fat chance are about to be tested.

In a comment under an earlier post the question was posed, "With two bishops on its pay roll, statistics reveal, that the diocese of Llandaff has the least number of communicants throughout the province of Wales. How on earth do these two keep their jobs?" Quite so. With six Diocesan Bishops and Deans, an Ass Bishop and 26 Archdeacons presiding over ever decreasing numbers, the Harris review already has plenty to think about. The possibility of an Ordinariate in Wales and all that that implies will give them an unexpected bone to chew over.  

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