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Friday, 22 July 2011

Islamist deceit

Yesterday I referred to reports that militant Islamists in Somalia had agreed to lift restrictions to allow aid to get through to the starving. Not only has this been denied by the rebels but they have even rejected the UN's claim that there is a famine in the region.

How odd, then, that 'Islamic Relief' is not only one of the charities listed on the Disaster Emergency Committee's 'East Africa Crisis Appeal' but the same appeal is an option for giving on their own web site. However, caution is needed in giving directly to Islamic Relief amid reports that little aid if any gets through to non-Muslims. 

A report here (with pictures) on the 2.2 million starving Somalis the Islamist militants Al-Shabab claim do not exist. And they want to impose their ideology on the rest of us!! 
More here (video)
and here. Better dead than Christian aided apparently.
Finally, an excellent summary of the problem here - " 'The world should be ashamed' of Somalia crisis", a Today interview with Oxfam's Chief Executive, Dame Barbara Stocking.

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