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Friday, 15 July 2011

"Here is the News." - Just!

Joy of joys! Whilst making no comment on the justification of the journalists' dispute, today I was granted what I have long yearned for; the news just as it is, not presented by 'personalities' projecting their own particular touch like 'gesticulating' George or 'the tigress' Bruce. I could go on but you should get my drift.

I have never understood why two readers have to take turns to read bits of the news in the morning while managing quite adequately alone later in the day. And why, for example, does the 'Royal Correspondent' have to be standing in front of Buckingham Palace? Can it really help anyone to understand the story as they watch the traffic moving in front of the palace?

The news is the news, why tart it up? In doing so the accustomed formula is to progress from the sombre look of the initial tragedy, through the  self-satisfied, 'I-am-doing-this-remarkably-well' mid-section to the customary 'Cheshire cat' sports grin, and the final pre-weather report chuckle. Doubtless the BBC needs to save money and today we have witnessed plenty of opportunities for savings before cutting the influential World Service. God knows we need as many friends as we can get. With reports of 'stars' such as Kate Silverton, "thought to be one of 33 stars on £250,000-£500,000", for reading the news, there must be ample scope for savings by simply by employing someone to do just that. 

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