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Saturday, 18 September 2010

The sound of silence

Who could fail to be moved by the Pope's visit to our shores. Already there have been many special moments. The enthusiasm of young people has been truly inspiring as exemplified by a young student, Paschal Uche, who greeted the Pope on behalf of those who had waited patiently outside Westminster Cathedral as the Mass proceeded inside. But what has struck me most forcibly is the hush of reverence that descends on the multitudes as if sensing the presence of the Lord. What would the typical Anglican priest give for that expectant silence, absent in most Anglican churches.

That difference was mirrored profoundly by two women who were interviewed. First, a Catholic, who despaired that a women could even consider wanting to be a priest protesting that such women showed no understanding of the priesthood. The other, an elderly ordained Anglican woman from Women and the Church, complained that her grandchildren did not want to belong to a church that did not ordain women - the sort of 'I want' attitude the Pope has been warning about.

The overwhelming support the Pope has received suggests that the normally silent majority cherishes what they have, or what little they have left. Activists are busy changing everything for their advantage according to their secular whims. Perhaps it is too late for the Anglican church but not for Christianity as a whole. Divided we fall leaving a vacuum in Britain that others will fill with an ideology that does not tolerate dissension. If that happens we shall all be the losers.

From my Blog List, "Christ in our midst", this stark warning:

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