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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

How is it for you?

Frankly, appalling. 'NICE' teachers calling for pregnancy clinics in schools must live in a world of their own. Do they know nothing of the shortage of midwives scandal endangering the lives of babies resulting from wanted pregnancies.

Granted mothers are mothers and babies are babies deserving the best of attention but 'school midwives' simply sends the wrong message normalising teenage pregnancies to say nothing of scarce resources. If schools are about learning, what are they teaching? I remember my wife picking up a copy of Cosmopolitan which our then teenage daughter brought home from school and was horrified to see 'the position of the month' illustrated as a regular item. The publishers must have realised that young, impressionable girls would be reading their magazine. Now everything is sexualised, even school uniforms. The girls of St Trinian's appeared to be outrageously comic when school girls wore the normal regulation skirts 4" above the knee when kneeling. Now many look as though they have come off the St Trinian's set. How long before sex counsellors join the staff?

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