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Monday, 14 June 2010

“Compassion rather than judgment”

Compassion rather than judgement was the message Dr Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church, wanted to leave with the congregation in Southwark Cathedral where she preached yesterday:
but her address was self-serving. It was not so much the message that was off key but the messenger.

Her message doesn’t sit well with her actions. In a letter to The Times, clergy of Southwark diocese distanced themselves from Bishop Schori’s teaching and presiding in the cathedral. “Bishop Schori is well known for her doctrinal statements and practice that are contrary to the teaching of the Bible. She is also well known for initiating many litigations against orthodox congregations within the Episcopal Church and defrocking doctrinally orthodox bishops and clergy, so exacerbating disunity in the Anglican communion. Only recently she defied the instruments of the Anglican communion by reneging on the agreement made by the Episcopal Church to abide by the moratorium regarding the consecration of actively gay and lesbian bishops.”

Compassion is the key to New Christianity. In their liberal world everyone is expected to show compassion allowing them to do just about anything they please but it quickly dries up when it does not suit their cause. If predictions for Synod are correct, orthodox Anglicans can expect no compassion from those who have turned away from the historic faith. Dr Schori’s plausible message will have been well received by fellow liberal converts while ‘traditionalists’ have already been betrayed using judgement rather than compassion.

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