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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chaplain to the House of Commons

It has been reported that Mr Speaker Bercow has appointed the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin to be the new Chaplain to the House of Commons.

According to The Telegraph, Mrs Hudson-Wilkin was picked by John Bercow ahead of the preferred candidate. The Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin denied that she was a “victim” or a “token”, and insisted she could perform well in the high-profile role. She defended herself following claims that she had been chosen by the Speaker to avoid having “another predictable middle-aged white man” in the job.”

So against advice, the son of Jewish parents has appointed a black woman to a high-profile position at the heart of Government at the very time the Church of England is being ripped apart by controversy. Forget ‘Jewish’, ‘black’, one-legged or whatever the saying is in anti-PC vernacular, it is not whether she can ‘perform well in the high-profile role’ but whether she should. It is not just the Anglican Church which appears to be thumbing its nose to the majority of Christians throughout the world.

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