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Monday, 26 April 2010

A sense of proportion

Righteous indignation has greeted the Foreign Office memo which suggested some outrageous activities for the Pope during his forthcoming visit to Great Britain in September but from the coverage by the BBC one would have thought it were Government policy rather than the silly ideas of a junior official produced in a brainstorming session.

The ideas were not very bright especially coming from an Oxford graduate but neither was the idea of circulating the memo which appeared to give it greater credence nor the decision by The Sunday Telegraph to publish it. However, brainstorming sessions force sometimes apparently ridiculous ideas into the open for consideration although on this occasion it should have been obvious that some of them would be considered gratuitously offensive. But to talk of the Pope cancelling his visit over the issue as suggested in the press goes too far. As the Vicar of Christ on Earth, the Pope will be well aware of the wounds people suffer for their faith.


  1. hey petros - I thought it was all a bit of a giggle - but I would wouldn't I!

    It all made a refreshing change from the three posers with their national health snappers in giving very willing smiles to the desperately interested.

    Have fun and power to the usual.

  2. hey petros - I thought it was all a bit of a giggle, but I would wouldn't I.

    It provided a bit of light relief from the three posers with their hair neatly combed and NHS snappers gleaming in the cameras glare.

    Have fun and power to the usual.