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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Death and a Cross

Around two thousand years ago Jesus of Nazareth was hung on a wooden cross to die after being severely beaten because he preached the difference between right and wrong.

Today, those who believe Jesus to be the Son of God and wear the cross around their necks are condemned by people who don’t know the difference between the sign of redemption and jewellery.

The latest reason for not allowing a Christian nurse to wear the cross she has worn in complete safety for thirty years is that a patient may grab it making it a danger on health and safety grounds. On the other hand, a Muslim may wear the hijab as a mark of faith.

If any of this modern day ‘Pontius Pilot’ tribunal are hospitalised and ministered to by Muslims I hope they remember not to grab them by the hijabs thus making a mockery of their judgement.


  1. True story: a young lady is in a jewellery shop wishing to purchase a gold cross and chain. She says to the shop assistant, "I like that one, but do you have it without the little man on it?"

  2. I don't know, Ancient Scholar. That story has a whiff of urban legend about it. On its own merits, it seems credible enough but it has been doing the rounds for so long now and has been told by so many people that it sounds like those tales one hears of people having witnessed babies being eaten by Chinese people.

    That said, I sympathise with the general point of the post.

  3. hey petros - Nice one - have fun