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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Dr Who used to provide regular family viewing many years ago when the children were growing up.

They now have children of their own. Accustomed to advanced computer graphics they are not easily upset by such as the Daleks.

Asking one of my grandchildren if he found a particular computer game too gory after seeing blood being splattered everywhere he looked at me in astonishment and explained that it was not real.

After reading that the new Dr Who played by Jodie Whittaker was 'a triumph for diversity' I thought I should take a look so watched the new series on Sunday evening.

The current Dr Who is far removed from William Hartnell, the original doctor. I was reminded of a youthful-looking Emily Thornberry. The word that came to mind was not diversity but tokenism.

Gender swapping is not diverse, it is perverse. Sex is determined by chromosomes, XX for a female or XY for a male, yet people born in New York City are to be allowed to have their sex recorded as 'X' in another nod to LGBT rights.

The NYC Mayor signed the provision into law with the words, "We want to make sure that people are not dependent on the subjective judgement of anybody else including a doctor"! That will be no comfort for the women prisoners sexually assaulted by a fellow inmate who self-identified as a woman and had previously raped two women.

In the next episode Dr Who meets 'civil rights icon' Rosa Parks.

When William Hartnell played Dr Who entertainment was entertainment, not political posturing.


  1. It has been downhill since William Hartnell (easily the best doctor) with also entertaining episodes with Patrick Troughton and the scarecrow guy, Jon Pertwee. Bob

  2. Mercifully, we are reassured to know that unlike Dr. Who, James Bond will remain forever male.

    1. Apparently the Swedes have made their "St. Lucia" a little black boy, so James Bond is destined to be a lesbian in the probably not so distant future. It all makes one glad to be older.

  3. I think the BBC were disgusting bigots by not making the Doctor transition into a woman but by simply regenerating! Outrageous!

  4. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for the villain on Dr. Who to be an LGBTQ alien out to destroy the Earth.

  5. Provide "regular family viewing" Ancient Briton?
    The BBC does not even believe in the "regular family" any more.