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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Next, LGBTQI+ takeover?

The Golden Calf, with apologies to Poussin

"Church of England to discuss same-sex blessing" - BBC
"Synod’s ‘welcoming’ transgender motion asks Bishops to consider liturgy" - Church Times
"Church of England to debate blessings for same-sex couples" - Guardian
"Church of England to consider same-sex blessing services" - Pink News

The pressure to accept blessings leading to same sex marriage on a par with the marriage between a man and a woman is everywhere but is it justified? The Church of England is to debate holding services for same-sex couples for the first time.

The plans have been put forward by the diocesan synod in Hereford, which voted in favour of an "order of prayer and dedication" following a marriage or civil partnership, in response to couples who said they wanted it.

This is how "a gay member of the Synod", Jayne Ozanne, explained the move to PinkNews:
She was “thrilled” at the “overwhelming support the motion has received”.
“It provides an important step on the road to ensuring we are all treated equally by the Church of England.
“I know that many are incredulous at the time it is taking for the Church to understand that we are all loved equally by God, but things are changing and given the strength of support we know that exists I hope this will be debated as soon as possible by the General Synod.”

The Bishop of Hereford, the Right Reverend Richard Frith, said:
"Clergy are already encouraged to respond pastorally and sensitively when approached.
"The motion which is part of a much wider debate asks for guidance on materials to be used in affirming and praying with same-sex couples."
The general synod will now debate a form of service described as "neither contrary to nor a departure from" the doctrine of the church.
Individual churches and priests would be able to opt out of holding the services if they wished.

The pressure is summed up in Church Clarity: "an online database that 'scores' (mainly) US churches according to whether they are 'affirming' or 'non-affirming' of LGBTQ persons, and how clearly they communicate their policy. Its stated aim matches its name: it wants to challenge evasiveness and obscurity on what is to many a central, and personal issue." The group comprised mainly of progressive leaning Christians, says: "No person should have to wonder the limits of their 'welcome'."

It is difficult to see how people can claim to be unwelcome when they are established members of a church which permits them to propose a motion which is contrary to biblical teaching. An Introduction to General Synod and how the parish and deanery relates to it can be found here.

The tactics are familiar. If you are not for us you are against us. Such words as equality, love and affirming imply the moral high ground when the object is, in biblical terms, immorality. What they demand in the name of love is the seal of approval no matter what the consequences for the Anglican Church.

Marriage is the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. "It is the very basis of the whole fabric of civilised society." That is it. To claim that members of the Church of England will be treated equally only if same sex blessings are affirmed is absurd.

To expect others to sanction that which is contrary to church doctrine is an act of utter selfishness modeled on the movement for the ordination of women. The liberalism they brought with them was based on the notion that there was no biblical objection to their ordination.

They cannot use the same argument in favour of same sex marriage or blessing gay relationships. That bishops of the church can think it acceptable shows just how far the Anglican Church is sinking below the waterline since women were ordained.

The Church of England lost another 34,000 worshipers last year, far more than all the regular worshippers in the Church in Wales and they still fail to see the problem!


  1. Your readers will, doubtless, be interested in the summary of the comments of the new bishop of St Davids at the recent diocesan conference provided on the diocesan website. The bias against using retired priests is baffling and hard to justify. Unless, of course, the aim is to dispense with priests who remember the
    Church in Wales before it introduced heresy.

    1. Simple answer to your problem. Join the Anglo Catholic Church OF Wales.

  2. "...and they still fail to see the problem!" They refuse to see the problem.

  3. Do you think 2% of the 1% of the population of Wales plus some sympathisers will be able to finance the Church in Wales long term or will our cathedrals be in the hands of Cadw in 30 years time?

    This is a missiological truism: a liberal church has never flourished once in church history only withered on the vine. Look at the URC which has almost halved in 7 years if you doubt it.

  4. "a liberal church has never flourished once in church history"
    True, how very true. Perhaps this should become the official motto of the declining Church in Wales?

    1. May I also suggest Father, that when the Cathedral Road lot move in to Calaghan Square (Presumably named after the Right Honourable Sunny Jim) that the new "nerve centre" be topped off with the words " CRISIS? - WHAT CRISIS?"

  5. From what I've just read of the St Davids Diocesan Conference, I think anyone with any sense will be ringing Pickfords for a quote. Now. Not only does the 'Bishop' look like the president of the WI giving a talk on making sponge cakes; she clearly cannot see that the dismantling of the parish system will aggravate the Church's withdrawal from the public landscape to become a club for the committed (who are getting fewer and fewer by the day). A short-sighted, short-term strategy to benefit the institution - while alienating the very people we are here to serve. It's Barry the Golfer with nobs on. What will this actually do to inspire hearts and minds among those who have abandoned the Church? As for 'Co-Ordinators'... Terminators more like. The whole thing is completely f***ed - and by the time Joanna clears off to join the growing throng of pensioners, St Davids will have no gifted clergy, no money - and no-one in church on Sunday.

  6. Pondering Pastor: As I have said on several blog subjects herein. I agree with the sentiments expressed, but, if things are to change a strategy by all communicants is needed.
    There is nothing wrong with strong leadership, but leader who are by nature, part of the ship of fools, steered by the Dark Lord, then life will not change.
    So, how do we do so? Communicants and churches simply stop giving. Stop serving and demand listening. When I say stop giving I mean save our money/tithe, then when all becomes we'll give it. But sadly too many are blind to the strategy being forced on dismantling parishes.
    The true strategy is to maintain parishes, invest in, encourage, develop and dare I swear using what has become a very dirty word in our leadership "evangelism" There I've said it! Evangelism with engagement of great organisations like: Church Army, SSF, and other pioneering monastics. The Monmouth model has some merit, but, continues to fuel this dismantling process. Bring back the clergy house, the CA mission team. Then change will come.
    If this dismantling continues, we only dilute the talented pool, that is slowly ebbing away.
    So it has to start with individual communicants and parishes. Revolution by default. But who is brave enough to lead such a charge and risk being ex-communicated?

  7. To give credit where it's due, we heard nothing of this immodest haste to dismantle the parish system at the Llandaff Diocesan conference - nor the appointment of a caricature of the Vicar of Dibley to facilitate the demise of the church into mission areas. June, of course, has far wider experience of the Church of England, and knows the value of the parish system. She also knows a re-arrangement of the Titanic's deck-chairs when she sees it. Perhaps her fist step should be to get rid of the clerical dead wood first, starting at the Deanery.

    1. If only.
      Llandaff hasn't been that lucky in decades.

  8. The irony is that when the so-called injustices are dissolved in the freshly formed equality of dewy inclusiveness the new breadth is neither found nor experienced
    but instead we gasp for breath in a crooked narrowness. The Church in Wales forsaking the limitless height and depth of Christ, is now narrow-as narrow as a coffin.

  9. "CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS?" Is very much associated with Prime Minister James Callaghan or Baron Callaghan of Cardiff aka "Sunny Jim" who succeeded Harold Wilson as Prime Minister in the 1970s. Mike Yarwood did a mean impression of Wilson and one quote I remember him making in the guise of Wilson was "Don't worry about this week's crisis, I've got another one coming for you next week!"
    Yes, "CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS?" in the light of the Brexit Referendum is not only a suitable motto for the Church in Wales but could also be designed in wrought iron to be placed on top of Maggie's Security gates at the head of Downing Street and also emblazoned in large letters across the White Cliffs of Dover.

  10. Two more LGOTQ types for Bangor Diocese:

    Nearly at equality - equality of course meaning that 50% of clergy being 'out'

  11. They say that the ecclesiastical prince of Bangor has turned his diocese into a gay republic.

    Puts a different slant on the phrase 'principalities and powers'.