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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The gays have it.

Source: Premier

General Synod has voted to reject the bishops' sexuality report after a move to vote by Houses. 

The fact that the House of Clergy voted 93 in favour and 100 against with 2 abstentions and less than two thirds majority in the House of Laity indicates the situation in which the Church of England now finds herself after so much appeasement. 

It was clear that the gay lobby would accept nothing less than capitulation. Endless sob stories and references to 'moving forward' as the Church had done with the admission of women to the Episcopate made it clear that the LGBT+ lobby is on a journey, not to travel hopefully, but to arrive.

The 'silent middle', the stepping-stone of blessing gay patrnerships, was the tear-jerker of the day moving the bishops to apologise yet again. Apologise for what? The Christian faith?

The Church should stop apologising for upholding the faith of Christ crucified before there is nothing left to defend. 

Postscript [16.02.2017]

The gays have it, or do they?

Lies, Damn Lies and Synodics - What exactly did Synod not vote for last night?

Listen to the Rev Peter Ould HERE. Excellent.


  1. With regard to the placards held up by the two women in the picture above, can we be told the identity of the bishop (singular) who wrote the report?

    1. HC, you may find this introduction interesting

  2. So the vote in Synod ,by the Established Church of England is that homosexuality is not opposed?
    It seems that the Bishops have no authority over their clergy.
    The activists will persist in carrying their banners until all Houses of the Synod accept their decadent way of life. LGBT speak of their 'community'-tell me why homosexuals desire exclusivity.
    As soon as gay marriage in Church is approved, the next step will be to lobby Government to put 'prep.' -the prophylactic tablet for HIV infection-on to free NHS prescription. There is another way to avoid acquiring the virus!

  3. They are indeed ashamed of the Christian Faith, as they apologise for it. Well summed up.

  4. This is a quotation from an article by Peter Tatchell :

    "By the time I turned 20, rationality finally triumphed over superstition and dogma. I didn’t need God anymore. I was intelligent, confident and mature enough to live without the security blanket of religion and its theological account of human life and the universe."

    Why is this man interfering in Church discipline ? His only goal is to advocate homosexuality.
    Why are the 'gay christians' aligning themselves with a humanist? Thus why are the gays who call themselves Christian failing to listen to the teaching of Christianity.

  5. AB thanks for the link to Peter Ould's podcast, it was simply heartwarming to hear such a fine appraisal of what really happened yesterday in the Church of England synod.

    I laughed out loud at his satirical description of those nasty homophobic evangelicals who are driving away people from Christianity in their droves and doing such a good job of it they are planting churches because their own are not big enough.

    Seriously, the only result last night from the Synod was that the status quo remains intact in England. In Wales we need to move on from this distraction and take note from those Anglican Churches in these islands that are growing and not haemorrhaging members at astonishing numbers.

  6. There is already marriage equality.

    A gay is as entitled to marrying a tomboy (see John Weed) as a gal is entitled to marry a boy.

    What are they protesting about?

    1. Because the liberal none Catholic Church of Wales, and now, so it seems, England, is no longer in the world but of the world.

    2. Well, the guys on the picture seem to be very much of, not just the world, but the world in its worst moments.

      Like back in the days of Noah.