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Monday, 17 October 2016


Source: Wikipedia

Yesterday morning three youngsters were interviewed on BBC breakfast TV with their Quidditch equipment, a semi-inflated bladder and a tennis sized ball in a long knotted sock which would have been instantly recognizable to Harry Potter fans.

Had the third guest not left it on the train, there would also have been a broomstick which, as can be seen in the illustration, is somewhat awkwardly straddled as the player 'flies' down the pitch. 

The three youths (from their appearance, one female and two males) explained how the game was played. When the interviewer asked if the teams were mixed, the girl (from her appearance) confidently explained in the most matter of fact manner that the participants did not have to be binary.

There were mixed genders, males, females, transgenders and anything in between but no more than four of a particular 'gender' would be permitted. This self assured answer gave the impression that the interviewer was somewhat backward in his understanding of gender.

Checking blog traffic after breakfast I noticed this headline on Anglican Mainstream: Transgender Advocates ‘Aim to Destroy’ Common Sense, Says Analysis

Sanity restored.

1 comment:

  1. What pearls of wisdom did the reporter imagine he would glean from anyone over the age of ten who frolics about playing 'Quidditch'?