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Monday, 5 September 2016

Let me tell you

Upside down world

Last night my wife and I settled down in front of the television to enjoy an evening at the Proms. We were in for a shock. The second item was Hans Abrahamsen’s Let me tell you, written specially for the soprano, Barbara Hannigan. She was in good voice with clear diction so we concluded that Ms Hannigan was actually singing gibberish in tune with political and religious life today.

Most of the utterances of politicians and senior church people sound like gibberish to those of us who recall days when there was a sense of order and progression rather than regression. Can it be any surprise then that those of much riper years feel that the world has been turned upside down. Politics and religion are not what they were. Minorities rule.

In past decades 'Statesman' was a part of our vocabulary, used to describe a skilled, experienced, and respected political leader or figure. It has become redundant, even archaic. But how many political and religious leaders or figures are worthy of respect when the traditional values we hold dear have been turned upside down, either to court public favour or to justify a particular lifestyle?

The allegations of a double life led by Keith Vaz MP is the latest in a string of scandals to hit the political elite in Parliament and another blow for Mr Vaz who, according to a Telegraph article published in 2009, "claimed more than £75,500 in expenses for a flat in Westminster despite his family home being a £1.15 million house just 12 miles from parliament"!

Sadly there is seldom any sense of shame in politics. Let me tell you has become the motto in public life. When David Cameron's luck ran out following his promised Brexit referendum in which the government substituted scaremongering and threats for facts, he didn't hesitate to reward his chums with honours for their failure and award disproportionate pay rises to his advisers.

We should be able to expect better from the church, particularly the Established Church of England but the same thumbs to the nose is in evidence. Encouraged by the success of WATCH in ignoring scripture and tradition the LGBT agenda is in full flow. Following the 'revelation' that the Bishop of Grantham is living in a gay relationship, a letter quickly appears from fourteen Church of England clergy in same-sex marriages calling on bishops to do more to include gay people in the life of the Church.

If gay people are not already included in the life of the church why are there so many gay clergy? They are included. What they really mean is included on their own terms to legitimise same sex marriage in church.

The Let me tell you attitude is about 'me' rather than 'you'. It has seen the meaning of inclusion, equality, love and respect so perverted that their true meaning is no longer acceptable, bringing charges of misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia and the rest. Which brings me to transgender restrooms, the height of stupidity which puts minority 'rights' above the safety of women and children. It sums up the Let me tell you philosophy.

1 comment:

  1. My apologies Simple soul. I pressed the delete button in error so have copied and pasted your comment:

    Although the singing at the Proms was technically good, the composition was too difficult for me to appreciate a reason for it all. By the same token I cannot fathom out why the majority,though small, voted for Brexit,when even now -some months later- no one is yet able to define this neogolism. Theresa May says 'Brexit means Brexit' but the PM has still not decided what it all actually means.
    Neither can I fathom out why Keith Vaz is today asking questions in The House as if no shameful issue surrounds him.
    The audacious and outrageous lifestyle which we are invited to adopt and to follow is born from the belief in 'every man for himself', and apart from failing to love your neighbour, the motto is 'trample all over him to get what you want'. And so this is what has happened in the Church : the proponents of womens' ordination have considered only their own goal ,desires and ambition ,having no respect for others' understanding of Faith and Tradition.
    The country will severely damage itself, Keith Vaz will damage and perhaps destroy his career and his family. The brazen women's lobby has damaged the Church, but "let me tell you " The Church cannot be destroyed.