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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Fool's paradise

Credit: @dominiccawdell

The Governing Body (GB) of the Church in Wales was told yesterday it has lost 40% of members since Bishop Gregory was ordained but he does not see a dying church, only the pattern of 'every Sunday' worship is dying! If that sounds familiar compare the attitude of the Archdeacon of Norwich who claimed that the citizens of Norwich were "doing their churchgoing differently" (ie staying at home) when challenged after the 2011 census revealed the City of Norwich to be the most godless city in England.

Not to be deterred, Bishop Andy saw promising but tentative signs of change despite the continuing downward trend: the rate of decline had slowed. Given the severity of the crisis one would have thought more time would have been devoted to the subject of Membership and Finances but there was a pressing need to move on to consider the refugee crisis, not those made refugees in their own church, but those fleeing persecution abroad. The Archbishop thoughtfully reminded GB members that they should not be there if they dissented from the Statement from the Bench of Bishops and their Emergency Motion (here).

However, there was plenty of time to advance same sex marriage where the LGBT lobby and +Barry's acolytes gladly pushed his agenda at the expense of the Church. There was no formal motion but a 'straw poll' was used to inform the Bench how to take the subject forward. This is how GB voted:

OPTION    1       2       3

Bishops     1       2       3
Clergy     21       1     26
Laity       28       6     32

Note: Option 1=No change; Option 2= Blessing same sex partnerships; Option 3= same sex marriage

The required majority would not have been met had the vote been for real but nevertheless Dr Morgan has been gifted by GB what he failed to gain when consulting the membership as a whole. This shows the extent of influence the LGBT lobby has where it matters and has enabled the media to declare "Church in Wales votes YES for gay marriage".

There were claims of prejudice and of people being out of touch with current trends. If the illustration above is anything to go by, that includes me. As I have visited various churches I have noticed a lack of reverence to the Altar but to use the Holy Table to advance homosexuality reaches a new low in campaigning.

Not to be deterred Archbishop Morgan's next crusade while SSM goes on the back burner is a return to the question of an Archiepiscopal See and the need for more, not less bishops, no doubt to accommodate his female accomplices. Meanwhile the Anglican Communion is about to be dismembered.


  1. "Cold feet are often symptomatic of a legitimate intuition that you may be heading for the wrong place at the wrong time".
    Suzanne Fields quote.

  2. As someone who has been seriously considering returning to the CiW after a long sojourn in another denomination, this is all such bad news and looks likely to leave me ecclesiastically homeless :-(

  3. You are not alone Elizabeth. Many women and men who have left the Church in Wales would not have done so if proper provision had been made for them as in the Church of England. This is a dilemma for those who have remained and for whom Anglicanism is their expression of faith.
    The witness of many speakers at Governing Body has not been to Christ but to their own desires, using the name of Jesus in self justification, not for the mission of the Church. The point was made in the hurried consideration of the Membership and Finance Report of the little money spent on Mission. The irony is that the offering of the faithful is used to finance what others believe which is a secular outlook almost devoid of spirituality. And the faithful keep paying - but for how long?.

    1. In the above quotation ,I was really thinking about ++Barry acquiring ' cold feet' in relation to same sex marriage. But it seems that' Seaside Elizabeths' feet are becoming chilly in her new denomination?
      I might just add that there is not a perfect Church here on earth : but how may I point you towards a Church that carefully discerns its Authority ?
      It is regrettable that The Archbishop of the C in W, believes that whatever decision he prefers is 'in veritas'.
      The truth is that ++Barry is not adept at discerning truth from error.

  4. To see that symbol of deviancy and perversion placed on an altar is an obscenity.
    For shame.

    1. That it takes precedence over Christ's cross says it all.
      The lunatics are surely running the show.


    The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has promised to offer sanctuary for Syrian refugees at Lambeth Palace.

    Follow that Barry Morgan!

  6. The most pertinent part of the Bishops Statement at the GB is:
    "We hope as well that particular attention will be paid to the Christian minorities of the Middle East, who are often the target of the most fierce persecution"

    Thus if the Church ( and the Country) concentrate on just this aspect of the refugee problem we should make great strides. We shall need to be prudent and hope and trust that actions taken nationally by Central Government are well judged and considered , and it does seem that the programme is being carefully addressed. We must face the truth that there is no place for naive altruism ; unperceptive charity does not serve anyone.
    The statement made by Hungarian Bishop gave me food for thought ,when he said we are facing a cultural invasion.

    1. But talk is cheap Simple Soul.
      Especially from Barry Morgan.
      What is HE actually doing about it?
      What lead is HE giving?
      I suggest you don't hold your breath.

  7. Yes, 1662- Barry and the Bench desire to be heard solemnly making a charitable statement.
    There is no clearly defined course of action coming from the GB. Why was there no resolution to link up with the Assembly for Wales: (thought Barry had friends there).
    I did not see mention from the GB of an approach to the Welsh Assembly Government,so that a Christian contribution may be made to the planned 'Assembly Summit'.
    Here is the talk from the Senydd so far: "Ann praised Carwyn's leadership, hailing him being the first leader to say "we will play our part", building upon Wales' "proud tradition of multiculturalism".
    I am not interested in hearing Carwyn pointing out that he is not a racist, I should prefer to hear that he is grieving for the persecuted Christians ; that is our responsibility.

    Bully boy Bazza will do nothing for fear of upsetting his Muslim pals and his plan to become the Grand Mufti.
    Meanwhile the persecution continues.
    Quite apart from asking immigrants/refugees to share his accommodation at Llys Esgob, why in God's name hasn't he invited some Christian refugees to join him there?


      "The refugee crisis will be on the agenda of an international church group meeting in Wales this week."

      More L'eau de Barry of the chirp and shit variety and talk is cheap in Bazzaland!