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Monday, 31 August 2015


With apologies to Pixar

In his April 2015 Presidential address to the Church in Wales' (CinW) Governing Body(GB), the Archbishop of Wales urged people to vote in the then forthcoming General Election: 
"Archbishop Barry identified one of the tasks of the Church during the run up to the General Election as being to tackle voter apathy by engaging in the democratic process — encouraging people to vote, and helping inform them by holding hustings where politicians of all parties can be invited to respond on their attitudes to a whole range of subjects." 

His encouragement would have had more weight if the democratic process were allowed to operate in the CinW. In theory members have a voice but in practice not so. For example, meetings held in dioceses across Wales to discuss same sex marriage options have been a farce, as were the 'consultations' on a Code of Practice (CoP). See here, here and here. If +Barry doesn't like the outcome he reserves the right to ignore the findings. Consequently the Church in Wales has a meaningless CoP and if Barry has his way the CinW will allow same sex marriage in churches by persuading GB members to vote as he requires, regardless of the fact that some of the gay lobby voted out of personal preferences against the wishes of others and at least two dioceses voted to maintain traditional marriage. So much for Barry's idea of democracy.

This is how it works. + Barry decides what he wants. He arranges for papers full of spiritual irrelevancies to be prepared as the basis for discussion but the outcome is for guidance only. That means, if the results are favourable they are used in evidence. If unfavourable they are ignored because the bishops, ie +Barry, knows best.

This one man band approach has been an disaster for the CinW but unlike the secular world which +Barry strives to emulate there is no accountability. Like a galley master beating the oarsmen for more effort the poor pew sitters are urged to give more and more to support a failing institution. Academic research claims that the CinW will be extinct in a generation leaving only the Church of England (CofE) to survive in the longer term but there is no spiritual lifeline as provided in the CofE for those who have not fallen under +Barry's spell. In any other walk of life the chief executive would have done the decent thing and resigned. But decency is not a factor recognised by the bench of bishops.

The ordination of women was supposed to re-invigorate the Anglican Church, or if you believed the Ass Bishop of Llandaff, "the ordination of women will rid the world of homophobia, misogyny, brutalisation of women in all situations including those in war zones". Far from being homophobic, Church and State has an active gay lobby which grows ever more confident with LGBT issues constantly being pushed in schools where transgender has become the dominant issue and in churches where worshipers are branded as homophobic for believing that marriage is the union for life between one man and one woman. As for the brutalisation of women, apart from the treatment of women in Islam which too many bishops are keen to endorse as a legitimate faith despite biblical warnings, it has not concerned the CinW one jot that many faithful cradle Anglican women have been robbed of the Church they loved by the feminist takeover.

Also highlighted in the April 2015 GB  report was a report on the Representation of Women in the Church. Their recommendations on page 5 kick off with "The Bench of Bishops and the Governing Body must reaffirm the role of women in the Church, and monitor and review on a regular basis the appointment of women to senior posts" followed by nine other Recommendations, mainly about 'gender balance' and the need to be 'inclusive'.

Recommendation 4: Gender Equality and Training sums up the feminist cause in the Church. "Gender Equality must be reaffirmed as integral to the training of all ordinands, clergy and laity. Those in training as ordinands should be required to abide by the policy of the Church with regard to discrimination." That will be discrimination against anyone who in conscience cannot accept the sacramental ministry of women.

The CinW is obsessed by equality of opportunity in the workplace and being politically correct. The spiritual needs of faithful women and men have become an irrelevance. Ironically one of the few women to mention spirituality was the briefly Dean of Llandaff, Janet Henderson. Writing in the Llandaff Cathedral magazine, The Bell, in response to the Elerie Jones Report Dean Janet commented:

" Instead of writing a letter this month, the Chapter has asked me to report
on the recommendations. The brief given to Professor Jones and Dr HavenTang
did not cover a review of our worship, our education programme or
our staffing nor did it ask for any information about the opportunities
afforded by our deep Celtic roots and our potential place as a site of major
interest associated with the Celtic saints. I would stress that these areas are
also important - excellence of worship, good all age Christian education,
support and training for staff and the exploration of the riches that are
present in our archives and on site. I also see a great deal of opportunity
to develop our musical and artistic life and to be in partnership with
schools, colleges and universities. Read with these areas also in mind, the
report offers a basis for our future planning....

"I propose to hold a Vision Day on 1st June for all Chapter members and for
our newly elected PCC members at which we will be working on a
Development Plan for the cathedral. I will write more about this and offer
some of my own observations about the directions in which we should be
moving in the next issue of the Bell. Once the Chapter and PCC have
finalized the Development Plan, this will then be widely available for people
to see at the back of the Cathedral and on our website. So, if you have any
comments to make about any of this, please do send them to me or to
members of the Chapter and PCC before June 1st."

In the June 2013 edition of The Bell The Most Reverend Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales, wrote "I did not expect to be writing this letter in The Bell but I know that many of you were shocked and saddened at Dean Janet’s resignation and I share in that sadness"...."Unsettling as all of this has been, and it is deeply unsettling, we need to bear in mind, as I said at the installation service, and as one of you reminded me this week, that the church of God and this Cathedral has faced all kinds of difficulties and crises in the past but God has been steadfast in His care for us and assures us that whatever we face, He faces it with us and alongside us. In the end, it is His church and not ours."

Whatever the merits or demerits of comments made by commentators who have resorted to using this Blog as a means of airing their grievances, their comments suggests significant dissatisfaction. I do not know how representative commentators from the Llandaff Cathedral congregation are but even if only a disgruntled minority, they have brought to the attention of the casual observer a level of Christian stewardship at the highest level which appears wanting. But where is the accountability? There is none. There are no answers, just 'don't rock the boat'!

The Archbishop wrote in The Bell, "In the end, it is His church and not ours" emphasising that "the church of God... has faced all kinds of difficulties and crises". The problem is that the Archbishop treats the Church in Wales as if it were his Church, accountable only to himself. The Governing Body has become another tool of authoritarianism. The bench of bishops is either complicit or ineffectual. While this is going on the Church in Wales is dying. In his April 2015 GB address Dr Morgan posed the question, "If I exercise my right to say or write anything I like about you, what are the consequences for our relationship?"

There are times when people have to speak up for the faith. Something which appears to elude the bench of bishops. If nobody is allowed to comment the Church is left with the attitude "whatever the vicar/bishop/archbishop wants", seemingly oblivious to the fact that congregations continue to dwindle as the CinW is transformed from being an accepted part of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church into a secularised social club for the like-minded.

From Conger (here):  "Archbishop urges Christians to see the Bible through a skeptical eye:

"The Archbishop of Wales has urged the Governing Body of the Church in Wales to cast a skeptical eye on the Biblical prohibitions, saying the authors of Scripture were ignorant of modern committed same-sex relationships. In his 23 April 2014 Presidential Address Dr. Barry Morgan stated the “few texts we have in the Bible about same-sex relationships are very negative. Yet, it can be argued that homosexual relationships as we understand them in terms of committed, faithful, monogamous, long lasting relationships, were unknown in biblical times and what the texts rail against is sexual promiscuity and experimentation.” Jesus did not speak to the issue of same-sex relationships the archbishop averred, adding that it was not impossible for the church’s teaching on gay marriage to evolve as it had on divorce and remarriage. “Will we, as a Church, eventually adopt the same approach as far as same-sex relationships are concerned, as we have done about re-marriage after divorce, or is gay marriage in a different category from the re-marriage of divorced people,” Dr. Morgan asked. The archbishop’s address kicks off a formal round of debate on gay marriage within the Church of Wales. No decisions were taken at the meeting, but Dr. Morgan asked the debate be respectful. “Whatever our viewpoints, I hope that our discussions can be charitable."

The implication is, if it is fashionable, accept it, ignoring the real point of the Church which is to worship God and preach the Gospel, not conform to the latest secular fad. The Church should be guided by what the Bible does say rather than speculate around what is not said:

"The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching." The converse is...... But there is no accountability in the Church in Wales so more of the same while the CinW becomes a ruin in the lifetime of our children.


  1. "the authors of Scripture were ignorant of modern committed same-sex relationships".
    They were also ignorant of all other things "modern", mobile phones, the internet, cars and space travel.
    So what?
    They might well have been aware of biblical times "committed same-sex relationships", perhaps in Sodom & Gomorrah?
    How the hell would His ++Irrelevance know?

    "Yet, it can be argued that homosexual relationships as we understand them in terms of committed, faithful, monogamous, long lasting relationships, were unknown in biblical times...".
    Was Barry Morgan present in "biblical times"?
    One only has to read Proverbs to see that human nature has not altered one jot in tens of thousands of years.

    The Arch Deceiver and false prophet has no more idea than anyone else but he is certainly destroying the Church in Wales.

  2. Well done AB. This is an excellent post.

    I waded through the 256 posts on a previous thread and was, like you I think, deeply disturbed by what I read in terms of the gross mismanagement of the affairs of the Llandaff Cathedral. from all angles - statutory /H&S / financial, pastoral, and more generally the missed opportunities, ...

    As regards the main thrust of this article, frankly Barry Morgan makes Pius IX look like a shrinking violet in terms of belief in personal infallibility; Morgan has taken the concept to new extremes. It is one of the enduring curiosities of Anglicanism that the most zealous ûber-Liberals are subject to the most extreme versions of 19th century Ultramontane tendencies.

    "He who marries the spirit of the age is soon a widower": this looks dangerously like becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for the Church in Wales if Morgan and his minions continue in the same way. They appear to have not simply lost the plot, but to have lost the entire book.

  3. " If +Barry doesn't like the outcome he reserves the right to ignore the findings."

    You're right on the money Ancient Briton.

    That's why the ludicrously expensive Eleri Jones report that Darth ++Insidious commissioned was sidelined and concealed from so many for so long.

  4. I can only assume bully boy Bazza's MO is the reason we're all still waiting for the "separate account for the solo organ, itemising each expenditure item" which, in his letter published at
    David Jones so rashly promised "will be produced in due course and available to anyone on request."
    Perhaps David Jones' idea of "due course" is supposed to mean "long after Barry Morgan has retired and unable to be held to account"?

    Not to mention the properly audited accounts for the rest of the new Organ!

  5. What sadly comes over in this excellent blog, time and again, is how out of step the leaders of the CiW are with the clergy and lay people.
    I don't know anyone (other than management) that agree with ministry areas, and everyone feels we are top heavy and need fewer dioceses. Yet this is ignored.
    The consultation on gay marriage was a farce, with the average pew sitter not having any say at all. I hear the MU are furious at not being consulted either. Two dioceses will not announce the results, more cover up and lies.
    This week governing body are discussing climate change! What hubris yet again from a dying Church . No doubt this will result in another expense glossy guide for parishes, telling us, as before, to go for the green option not the cheapest option. Or perhaps each diocese will get a new full time officer to advise on climate change............ I'm not suggesting climate change isn't important, but rather, the CiW should look to it's own problems and failings at the moment, not seek distractions.

    1. Danny Jones, it may interest you that it is on record and archived within the public domain, that a Bangor diocesan cleric openly challenged His Darkness and the Representative Body in 1994 concerning clergy pension funds,the need for fewer dioceses and the salaries of employees at 39 Cathedral Road . Amid a blaze of church orchestrated publicity he was later, (for the common good of course) stitched up in a church court, and deposed in 1997 for 'alleged' adultery, lying to his bishop and for being 'a danger to others'.

      At this huge public gathering, I seem to recall,unless my eyes were failing me, that Von Winkel Townsend gave His Darkness a tap on the back. That 'wanna be Dean' always had an addiction for attention.

    2. The temples of Palmyra are being destroyed by Isis.

      Llandaff in particular and the Church in Wales generally are being destroyed by Barry Morgan.

      In either case nobody seems to give a damn much less doing anything effective to stop it.
      If only we could get Swann Hellenic to take His ++Irrelevance to Isis for us so we could see just how long they would put up with his drivel.

    Football fans on their way to the Wales v Israel match on Sunday are being invited to stop at a church en route to show support for Syrian refugees.
    Typically trite and crass PR soundbites from the little Archbishop in Wales and his mouthpiece.
    One wonders how long it will be before bully boy Bazza issues an invitation for the thousands of migrants in Budapest's railway station to come and camp outside Llandaff Cathedral's West door?
    One also wonders just how many migrants His ++Darkness has invited to live with him at Llys Esgob?
    The same goes for his golf caddy (living all alone, rattling around in that big Deanery on The green all by himself), Peggy the Pilate and the rest of the coven.
    As usual in Llandaff, talk is cheap and it's 'Do as I say' not 'Do as I do'!


      Bishops call on churches to help refugees.

      "Christians are called by God to show hospitality to strangers and to extend help to those who are vulnerable, homeless, and victims of injustice, so we now ask our congregations to join us in prayer for all displaced and persecuted minorities and refugees and also in practical action.
      This includes:
      • Assess if there is any available church property which could be offered to agencies as suitable shelter or accommodation for refugees."

      @Llandaff Pewster
      There's a small "personal" Chapel at Llys Esgob that doesn't get much use too.
      As you say there's only one person in the large Llandaff Deanery.
      The Ass Bishop has a large house with lots of spare bedrooms.
      1 & 2 St. Mary's on The Green might have some spare rooms.
      The Llandaff Memorial and Parish Halls could be used.
      The Capon has brand new shiny £27k under-utilised kitchen facilities in the Prebendal House which itself could also be used to accommodate loads of people.
      Llandaff Cathedral is mostly empty for most of the week so Bazza could fit in a couple of hundred there for a few months.

      How long will it be before Barry Bullsh*t will put HIS money and HIS home where his mouth is?

    2. @1662
      It looks like you've called his bluff and your comment has forced His ++Irrelevance to play his "Get out of Jail Free" card.

      "Key points:"

      "The Church in Wales will keep abreast of developments, but is not planning to do anything independently of other organisations who have more expertise. In due course we will be able to direct people to Local Authorities or local partnerships who may be offering help."

      "If you have accommodation to offer, it is better to wait until we know where refugees will be sent for re-settlement before contacting your Local Authority. (If you are planning to offer church premises, please contact the Church in Wales property department in the first instance.)"

      What a fraud and a total dud he is.


      The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has promised to offer sanctuary for Syrian refugees at Lambeth Palace.

      Follow that Barry Morgan!

  7. The Archbishop's statement made at the AGM of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral on Friday 27th June 2015.

    Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards: "We're delighted the Archbishop is with us and thank you very much for joining us. I wonder if you would like to say a few words?"

    The Archbishop:
    “Mr President, thank you very much. My apologies for being late. As some of you may know we had an ordination here this morning and I had to entertain the preacher to lunch and that went on for some time, so I apologise for coming late.
    I just really want to pick up on one or two things that have been said. I thoroughly endorse what the Professor has said [about buying new chairs]. Lest you think that the Bishop's seat is any more comfortable than the seats here, it has no back at all and I try to sit in it as infrequently as possible. So when you're thinking of the general fabric of the Cathedral perhaps you could do something about that seat as well.
    I really just want to pick up on what Sir Donald has said, what our President has said, and what the Dean has said, and that is that I've looked up the document for the foundation of the Friends in 1943 and of course it is there simply and solely to maintain the fabric and the services of the Cathedral And as Sir Donald has just said to us, the Friends have been generous to us in the past but of course they haven't been in the position of having so much money as they have at the present time: £¾million, which is quite a huge sum of money.
    Now we can say that the fabric does need repair; it is looking tired and I suspect that when we get the Quinquennial Report there will be a great deal of work that will have to be done.
    I don't think that people generally are going to give money if they know that there is an organisation meant to support the Cathedral that is sitting on a big sum. It's a bit like filling in grant forms you know - the first thing they ask is: to apply for this grant, how much money are you yourselves going to put in?
    The money in the Cathedral, a great deal of it – £¾million in fact - has gone from the Cathedral's coffers on the new organ, in terms of the sale of the house and in terms of the trust money that it had. So really the Cathedral itself at the minute is quite poor in terms of cash reserves.
    And so we have the Friends who are sitting on this sum of money, we have the Cathedral that is in need, and so I just really want to urge the Friends through the Council to spend a considerable amount - to give this considerable sum of money to the Cathedral, because as I said, it can't be used for anything else. And I know from other funds of which I'm trustee that the Charity Commissioners don't look very kindly on organisations that have a lot of money and don't spend it. :they force you in the end to say: these are your objects, please get on with it.
    So it's a plea, really, from me, as Vice-President and as Bishop of the Diocese, who comes to this cathedral church very frequently, to urge the Friends through the Council to be as generous as it can be. It's been generous in the past; it's now got the opportunity of being far more generous than it's ever been before, simply because it's got more money than it's ever had, and there's no point in having money when the object for which you've been set up is really in need of that money. That's all I've got to say."

    Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards: ''Thank you very much, your Grace"

      Pages 21 & 22
      The Cathedral organ was finally completed in September and Llandaff Cathedral now possesses one of the finest instruments in the United Kingdom. With the collapse of the old organ, an appeal was launched in 2006 to raise £1.5m which was the estimate given to the Chapter to design, manufacture, build and install a new organ. Following the completion of the solo organ the appeal is now closed.
      There have been many tales and rumours as to the cost of the new organ and therefore the time is right to set out the history of the appeal, the cost of the new organ and the funds that have been raised by the organ appeal committee.
      In 2007, The Dean and Chapter agreed a contract with Nicholsons of Malvern to design, manufacture, build and install a new pipe organ containing 4,870 pipes spread over four manuals and pedals. The total cost including ancillary expenditure such as the removal of the old organ, a new case, electrical and building work, purchase of a temporary organ (subsequently sold) together with accommodation and subsistence expenses would be £1.2m. In addition there would be an annual inflationary price increase as agreed by the Association of British Organ Builders. In 2008, the Cathedral Executive decided that there would be insufficient money from the appeal fund to complete the full organ and, in agreement with Nicholsons, the building of the solo organ and five pedal stops was deferred, thus saving £109,000.
      In order to meet the shortfall between funds raised by the appeal at that time and the outstanding payments to Nicholsons and other contractors, the Dean and Chapter arranged a loan from the Representative Body of the Church in Wales in the sum of £400,000, which would be interest free for one year with an interest rate of 2% above the prevailing Bank of England base rate for each subsequent year. The first phase of the organ project was completed in 2010. In the absence of a separate itemised account for the first phase of the organ, overall figures supplied to the Cathedral’s auditors put the cost at £1,384,890.
      By the end of 2011, the appeal for the first phase of the organ had raised £1,022,000 as published in the Cathedral’s annual accounts although the management records state a figure of £1,041,398. The shortfall of £362,890 (£1,384,890 – £1,022,000) was funded by the loan from the Representative Body which was redeemed from the proceeds of the sale of the property No 9, The Green, which was sold for £635,000 in 2010. The balance of £272,110 (£635,000-£362,890) was credited to the Cathedral’s general purposes account.
      An individual separate account has not been produced for the first phase of the organ appeal and Chapter, in reply to a request for an account, believe that to extract the information from the Cathedral’s main account would not justify the time and resources needed.
      From 2012 fund raising was focused on completing the organ project by the installation of the solo organ and the five missing pedal stops. A business plan to accommodate the completion was devised by the appeal committee and approved by Chapter. The cost to build and install the solo organ and the five missing pedal stops had now risen to a total of £190,000, but such was the success of the fund raising programme, the target was exceeded by £26,000. A separate account for the solo organ, itemising each expenditure item, will be produced in due course and available to anyone on request.
      The cost for the whole instrument totalled £1,574,890 (£1,384,890 for the first phase + £190,000 for the solo organ and five pedal stops).
      The appeal raised £1,022,000 for the first phase plus £216,000 for the solo organ a total of £1,238,000 – a truly remarkable and wonderful achievement.
      David NP Jones
      Secretary to the Organ Appeal Committee

      They can't both be telling the truth!

      Is either of them is telling the truth?

    2. Also some prophetic words on page 8 of the same edition.


      With my new role as full time carer, there will be moments of quiet when I shall think of the Cathedral and wonder at what is going on and leave it there!

      Michael Turk

    3. If the previous physical descriptions of His ++Darkness bring all in a fluster and red-faced hot-under-the-clerical-collar at the Friends AGM, his recorded admission for his tardy appearance being "I had to entertain the preacher to lunch and that went on for some time" makes me wonder if he might have been well oiled!
      It might also explain the several repetitions in his rant. It hardly reads like a prepared speech.
      All the hallmarks of desperation.
      And that's 3 weeks before the rockfall from the clerestory during the funeral!

    4. The poor old dear!

      "I thoroughly endorse what the Professor has said [about buying new chairs]. Lest you think that the Bishop's seat is any more comfortable than the seats here, it has no back at all and I try to sit in it as infrequently as possible. So when you're thinking of the general fabric of the Cathedral perhaps you could do something about that seat as well."

      Darth ++Insidious is as economic with the truth as ever.
      Anyone that has walked by the Bishop's "throne" thinking how uncomfortable the wooden seats in the nave can be after 20 or 30 minutes will have noticed the big 2" thick cushion adorning his hard wooden seat.

      No back to his seat?

      It's so tough at the top of the greasy CinW pole.

    5. If His ++Darkness finds sitting in the Bishop's seat uncomfortable why doesn't he do himself (and us) the favour of vacating it - permanently?

    6. Cymru'r Groes6 September 2015 at 22:02

      So in June 2015 Barry Morgan publicly announces that
      "£¾million in fact - has gone from the Cathedral's coffers on the new organ"
      in December 2013 David Jones wrote that
      "£272,110 was credited to the Cathedral’s general purposes account."

      Little wonder no Organ Appeal accounts have ever been published!

      Godot, where are you?
      Godot, what do I do next?
      Godot, they're all laughing at me Godot, tell them to stop Godot!
      Help me Godot!
      Tell me what to do now Godot!
      Godot, I don't know what I'm doing.
      Are you listening to me Godot?
      The bastards have caught me out again Godot!
      Are you still there Godot?

    7. It's little wonder that Bonaparte used to call David Jones "Cardiff's worst banker"!

    8. Another series of contradictions seems now to have become apparent.

      December 2012
      Professor Eleri Jones
      “At the moment the Cathedral is in dire financial straits and facing bankruptcy despite the best efforts of the Chapter, the clergy and other staff and the army of volunteers."

      27th June 2015
      Statement to the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral AGM
      Darth ++Insidious
      "So really the Cathedral itself at the minute is quite poor in terms of cash reserves."
      23rd August 2015
      The glove puppet
      "The Dean of Llandaff says it is 'totally irresponsible' to suggest the Cathedral is facing bankruptcy".

      If Bazza's golf caddy is to be believed matters must have been improving by the minute since his Dark Lord made his statement to the Friends!

      "The Society of The Friends of Llandaff Cathedral was formed in 1933."

      Bully boy Bazza
      "I've looked up the document for the foundation of the Friends in 1943"

      Was the arch snake trying to re-write history again?

      Or did he arrive at the Friends' AGM p*ssed up after all his dutiful lunchtime entertaining the guest preacher?

      The grumblings on The Green this week combined with the fact he let slip the figure of £¾million means the smart money is on him having had a couple of Rum Pansies too many!

    10. @Augustine

      11th September 2013
      "The Cathedral’s most recent accounts show that in the 12 months to December 2012, its spending was £71,673 more than its income. While the Cathedral’s assets amount to £5.5m, little is in cash. Its organ is valued at £1.4m, with Llandaff Cathedral School valued at £725,000. Four houses on Llandaff Green are together valued at £2.8m, while a memorial hall is valued at £200,000, a parish hall at £80,000 and a playing field at £10,000."

      The memorial hall has since been sold off.

      "The Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Llandaff, Dr Barry Morgan, said: “One of the greatest challenges we now face is a financial one and I have written to every person on the Electoral Roll about this. The Cathedral faces some urgent repair costs, in addition to the deficit already budgeted for 2013."

      Is bully boy Bazza claiming some sort of gift of prophecy when he stated on 27th June 2015
      "Now we can say that the fabric does need repair; it is looking tired and I suspect that when we get the Quinquennial Report there will be a great deal of work that will have to be done."?
      Has he forgotten his previous remarks to Martin Shipton?

      Suspect a great deal of work will have to be done?
      The arch hypocrite has known for years that the work identified in the two previous Quinquennial reports was not being carried out by his old mate Bonaparte and his sidekick Captain Peacock!

      Where is the Architects latest report and cost estimates for Clerestory repairs?

      Will the new Organ be played loudly ever again?
      Does Llandaff Cathedral even have insurance cover at present?
      Has EIG been informed that previously identified Quinquennial work has still not been carried out?

      Thankfully my child no longer sits in the choir stalls and I don't have to worry over what is being concealed this time from the gullible pew sitters!

    11. @Augustine

      Here's another contradiction to add to your list.

      The Bell, October 2012
      "I am sorry to be so blunt about all this but I am told by the Treasurer that by March next year, unless our giving improves, we will have used up all our reserves of money."
      Barry Morgan

      Eleri Jones Report, December 2012
      (see pages 13 & 14 of the Eleri Jones report leaked on this blog at
      "Another striking aspect was the shock expressed by key stakeholder groups amongst the Cathedral community on learning (through a variety of channels, e.g. the Archbishop's letter in the October 2012 issue of The Bell) of the news of the true financial position of the Cathedral - i.e. that in round number terms that it had spent £300000 over and above its income over the previous five years and that, by March 2013, the Cathedral will have "used up all its reserves of money' (Morgan, 2012: 5) = and the implications of this news for the Cathedral's long-term sustainability."

      The Western Mail, 23rd August 2015
      "The Dean of Llandaff says it is 'totally irresponsible' to suggest the Cathedral is facing bankruptcy".

      The Capon seems to be very publicly telling His ++Irrelevance and the £5,000 Professor that they both got it wrong.

    12. The amended list of suggestions for consideration by the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral before handing over any of their cash to the unholy trinity - the Arch snake, the Capon and the oily amphibian Mr Toad.

      The full Organ Appeal accounts to be drawn up by independent accountant in accordance with best practice, presented to independent auditors for verification and be made openly available for public scrutiny.

      Any and all irregularities discovered to be dealt with appropriately and robustly.

      A full and candid explanation provided in writing for the resignation of Janet Henderson.

      The resignation or (if necessary) the dismissal of Gerwyn Capon.

      Any and all urgent repairs identified to be put out to tender and at least three quotations obtained - to include an itemised and clearly priced list of necessary work and other expenditure (equipment, scaffolding, materials, expenses etc).

      The Friends of Llandaff Cathedral to select the best/most appropriate tender following the receipt of professional advice.

      The selected contractor(s) to submit their invoices for payment of completed work to the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral for the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral pay the contractor(s) directly.

      To prevent any future possibility of diversion of “restricted” funds to other unidentified purposes, no sums of money for any purpose be paid directly to Llandaff Cathedral.

      a) Barry Morgan provides Bill Barlow with a full written and public apology.
      b) Barry Morgan then definitely buggers off.

      That the position of Chairman of the Council of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral be filled by democratic election drawn from the members of the Council, themselves having already been elected to that Council.

      That the Bishop of Llandaff be removed from the position of Vice President of the Friends of Llandaff Cathedral.

      Kindly note that this list is still "open" for further helpful suggestions.

    13. His ++Darkness refers to "trust money" in his rant but David Jones makes no mention of any such thing in his letter.
      For many years I have not trusted a word that Barry Morgan utters but David Jones has hardly covered himself in glory either. If his version of events is correct he should be shouting it from the rooftops and denouncing the arch deceiver.
      But has there been any response from David Jones?
      Anything at all?
      Even a peep?
      It's got to the point that the people of Llandaff don't don't who they can trust or believe anymore.
      The saddest thing is, therefore, that the safest thing to do is to trust none of them and keep your money in your wallet.

  8. 3 new Diocesan officers for Llandaff, so now even more top heavy!

    1. Breathe it in deeply gullible pew-sitters, more L'eau de Barry.
      Yet more overpaid non-people for non-jobs with grand job titles in an almost invisible organisation which is virtually irrelevant.
      It reminds me of something.
      Now I remember.

    2. ....and more jobs for Llandaff while Parish Priests vanish or run 6-10 Churches.........