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Thursday, 4 June 2015

The cost of compassion

Mary Portas' brother is the 'biological father' of her son. Story here.

The permissive society has descended into chaos. Free love became free lust resulting in the rampant spread of STDs and AIDS followed by bending traditional marriage to accommodate all sorts of sexual permutations, few of which have any regard for the ultimate feelings of the children caught up in these relationships.

Anyone watching the BBC TV's Newsnight programme on 2 June would have heard Evan Davis introduce a discussion on transgender: " With such rapid change in social attitudes to sexuality, the LG&B, are we witnessing a change in our attitude to the T of LGBT? The story (here) initially focused on the all-American sporting superstar Bruce Jenner who won gold for the decathlon in Montreal in 1972. Jenner announced that he was transsexual saying that for all intents and purposes, "I'm a woman", revealing that her new name was Caitlyn.

Answering a question posed by Evan Davis' one of his guests replied that people are talking about transgender more and more. "The 'trans' thing is about where we were with the gay community twenty years ago".

In that passage of time the strategy has become all too clear. Exploit the “victim” status; use the sympathetic media; confuse and neutralize the churches; slander and stereotype Christians; bait and switch (hide their true nature); and intimidation. Read 'The six ways homosexual activists manipulate public opinion' here, the same formula as used by the feminist movement to devastating effect in the Church. See also previous entry 'To be joined together' here.

Davis' other guest, a journalist and transgender activist, complained that while it is very important to emphasis that we should "praise" and "affirm" women like Caitlyn, it requires a "certain amount of money" and "privilege" to present oneself as a transgender woman as Caitlyn had. "People perceive that as reality but it is also really important to recognise that transwomen, especially in the US, have very little access to surgery."

But compassion is not always the answer to change. Read here about the "dark and troubling" history of the contemporary transgender movement, with its enthusiastic approval of gender-reassignment surgery which has left a trail of misery in its wake. "The beginnings of the transgender movement have gotten lost today in the push for transgender rights, acceptance, and tolerance". Eighty percent of the people who want to change their gender shouldn’t do it. "There is too much unhappiness among people who have had the surgery…Too many end in suicide."

'Transgender' is following the same path as other 'equality' issues and it is downhill all the way. Here are some recent issues:
  • Gay Vicar pushes Church of England to celebrate Transgender Identity like a Baptism; sex change surgery is 'absolute trauma' Clergy Must Mark Occasion (here).
  • Irish baker fined for not promoting illegal gay marriage (here) while 13 Gay Bakeries refuse to make a traditional marriage cake with the message: 'Gay Marriage Is Wrong' (here).
  • Idaho city’s ordinance tells pastors to marry gays or go to jail (here).
  • Mary Portas reveals that she cancelled her son's baptism after grilling a Catholic priest who she thought was 'uncomfortable' with Portas' marriage to a woman (here). - The couple's son calls Miss Portas 'Mama' and Miss Rickey 'Mummy'. The father, Mama's brother, is referred to as 'Daddy'.
Fertility specialist and IVF consultant Dr Geetha Venkat said, "Usually with same-sex couples, one partner will give an egg and the other will carry the baby and then for their next child they swap roles – meaning they have babies from both the families’ genes. In ways, this is similar to that."

The big losers in these arrangements are the children. The cost to them of compassion will become evident in later years when they are able to assess for themselves the price of 'equality'.

For the rest of us it is already evident. Gay activists target opponents of same-sex marriage as if only gays are entitled to an opinion while conscience in the Church is frowned upon, particularly by Church in Wales bishops.

But the ultimate affront must be to Almighty God whom the compassionless, feminist, pressure group, Women and the Church (WATCH), wish to transgender. Their stupidity is well expressed by Jennifer Leclaire:

"Make no mistake, God is not a woman. He never has been and He never will be. Indeed, such a notion is especially disturbing in the gender-bending world in which we live; a world where the Girl Scouts are letting boys who identify as girls join their ranks and where Bruce Jenner appears on the cover of Vanity magazine in a leotard; an age in which some are declaring transgenderism is the new black in Hollywood.

"Let's call it what it is: a strong delusion (2 Thess. 2:11). It doesn't take a prophet to see the wave of deception sweeping through the church. Some denominations are allowing gay and even transgender clergy take the pulpit and, now, a group within the Church of England is calling for God to be referred to as female. God forbid."

"Make no mistake, God is not a woman. He never has been and He never will be. This, though, is just another symptom of a greater problem—a perversion of the Word of God that will lead many astray and even into a Great Falling away. I beseech you in this hour to be a lover of the truth, speak the truth in love, and pray for the church in this hour. Consider the words of Jesus and put your hand to the plow: "I must do the works of Him who sent Me while it is day. Night is coming when no one can work" (John 9:4). Full article here.

Amen to that.


  1. However, the new life has been created we must remember that we are all created in God's image.

  2. There is only one God, revealed to us in creation, in scripture, in the work of the Holy Spirit and in the face of Jesus the Messiah. There is no she-god, or any other gods, all of which exist only in the human imagination. Those who worship such delusions are idolaters who bow down before the images which they have created in their own likeness.

  3. Cymru'r Groes8 June 2015 at 03:02

    Thank Christ for some Christian common sense.

    But the smart money is on His ++Irrelevance and his bench of bunglers choosing to ignore what the people have to say about such matters.
    If past history is any means of judging, the vote will be held again and again and again and yet again until the Dark Lord gets the answer he seeks.

    1. The dark Lord has already twisted the arms in Llandaff.
      His propaganda machine has began to promote his twisted view and agenda.
      Take a look at page 5 of

    2. What would Jesus say?11 June 2015 at 21:39

      It's easy enough to see which way the wind is blowing in St Asaph.