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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The US Episcopal Church: the feminist effect

From David W. Virtue
January 21, 2014

How to spend $30 million dollars:

1. Educate 100 seminary students (average 3-year cost $45,000) for $4,500,000.

2. Plant and build 2,000 churches in Africa for about $6,000 a church. Total cost $12 million.

3. 24,000 children die of hunger each day in the world. An estimated 3.1 million children die every year due to hunger and lack of nutritious food. A single meal costs .22 cents to produce. $2 million would produce 9 million meals and feed more than 3 million children. An estimated 850 million children in the world do not have enough food to eat or do not get a nutritious meal every day.

4. $50 can provide a nutritious meal for a child for a year. $5 million would feed 100,000 children for one year.

5. $200 can provide an education for a child including provision of buildings and teachers' salaries etc. for a year. For $5 million you can equip 25,000 children.

6. WFP, the world's largest humanitarian agency, says that it costs 25 cents (US) to fill a cup with porridge, rice or beans and give girls a monthly ration. $1.50 the price of a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts (but not Starbucks) is enough to feed a child through school for one week. For $1.5 million dollars you could feed 1 million children for one week. One development agency leader told VOL there are still lots of hurting people and the numbers keep growing.

7. In one fell swoop you could rebuild the Episcopal cathedral in Haiti and every Episcopal parish that was destroyed by the earthquake in that country.


OR you could spend $30 million Episcopal dollars on law firms like David Booth Beers to endlessly litigate against orthodox Anglicans who only want to proclaim the gospel and to keep properties they bought and paid for. The Dennis Canon might well be the most expensively litigated church law in the history of the world.

The figure of $30 million is a conservative figure. It does not include ongoing litigation, nor the millions of dollars the other side has spent defending church properties. One canon lawyer estimates that the true figure could be well over $60 million, in which case the figures above could and should be doubled.

A.S. Haley of Curmudgeon blog fame wrote on Sept. 2010, "We thus arrive at an estimated total of some Twenty-Six Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($26,650,000) dedicated thus far by the Church of Katharine Jefferts Schori to lawsuits and illegal disciplinary actions. That is quite a negative achievement for someone who has been in office for not even four years yet." He now estimates the figures to be between $30 million and $33 million. "If the spending continues at the same rate, by the time her term is up in November 2015 (and assuming her last budget is like those before it), she will have committed the Church to an impossible-sounding Sixty-Four Million Dollars in legal costs."

Think about that the next time you drop a check or cash in the collection plate of your local Episcopal Church. Ask yourself: Where is this money really going?


Odd how orthodox Anglicans are represented as the villains by feminists!


  1. All I can say is that I wish I had a choice in dropping money in the collection box of the U K central Government, when it has spent in the region of £37 Billion in Afghanistan. ,not to mention Iraq,Libya,Egypt.... For those with the power of spending such sums - it is 'self fulfilling' and little to do with goodness in society. This may seem unconnected but it isn't.

  2. If HM Government were to spend £37bn on the work of the Church in the UK it would see a much better society as a result.

  3. Wait till there are women bishops on the Bench in Wales. In-fighting and legal expenses will rocket even more than Barry spends.

    1. I'm not sure about that Anonymous. After all they did spend £250,000 in one week getting rid of me in 1997 and almost another £100, 000 some 12 months later at the High Court. Now, how's that for a life time achievement .

  4. I think there are better ways of spending £37bn than propping up a mysogonistic and largely homophobic (thinking here of Jewffrey John). Well done on ECUSA for spending the money to attempt to correct the abuses of those who hold on to the vestiges of power. A large some of money, yes, but spent on creating justice. Money well spent.

    1. Justice? Deposition without trial of dozens of bishops and hundreds of clergy? ECUSA does not even begin to comprehend the meaning of "justice". It has all the attributes of a medieval Italian city state, where everything revolves around the vanity and the power of its Leader.


  5. Please may we make reading of these blogs less of a puzzle? It does make it less fun trying to work out which 'anonymous' brain is speaking! Even if you would just be Anon 1 ,Anon 2 ,Anon 3 , it would be fantastic! You will still be anonymous!

  6. Well said Simple soul, thank you.

    It is easy and completely anonymous using a pen name if this procedure is followed:

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