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Thursday, 31 October 2013

WaterAid #BigPipeProject

From WaterAid

(Click on the image for the full story)

"By acting together we will make a difference."

If you want to help to make a difference, click on "Join this Thunderclap" (above).


  1. Nice to see something on this site that has to do with meeting genuine need rather than coming from a place of self-centred pre-occupation with the insconsequential matters of vestments or what genitals bishops have. More of this nature would be very come.

  2. Genuine need is precisely my point, Anonymous, which is why on occasions I have written thus:
    "Rape, sexual abuse, violence against women and women's political and economic subjugation are a stain on mankind but women clergy sitting comfortably in their churches and universities do little to change that. If WATCH and their supporters want to make a difference around the world, instead of sermonising they should take the fight directly to where it is needed. Those who really want to make a difference are already doing so, tackling forced marriages, child brides and FGM which still exists in this country twenty years after women were first ordained. In fact, overall women's rights have gone backwards following the introduction of Sharia law in England."

    The self advancement of career women you champion cannot be compared with the desperate plight of these women around the world and ridiculing faith will not make a difference either. Bishops' genitals should be beyond question while female genital mutilation demands worldwide attention.

  3. Interesting that the needs you present instantly come from that same initial phobic stance. If it's not misogony with you it's Islamophobia. Page after page of phobic hatred. Please, if you're reading this and you're wondering about becoming a christian, the phobias you'll find on these pages ARE NOT representative of most christian positions. You'll find a lot more love in the church that you'll find here. And on behalf of the church the writer of this blog speaks from within, can I just apologise. Deeply saddening phobic nonsense (with just the occasional touch of humour (more of that would be nice too)).

  4. Anonymous, I wish you would use a pseudonym to distinguish yourself from other anonymous commentators. It would be so much easier to distinguish you from other anonymous critics.
    I don't know what 'church' you claim to represent but I was made a Christian at my baptism. You cannot change that however much revisionists love to redefine Christianity according liberal trends.
    Examples of misogyny and phobias would be useful if you expect me to respond. Before doing so, if you expect a response on your charge of Islamophobia please read previous entries on this subject, for example
    I hope your dislike of this blog didn't prevent you from responding to the important message of WaterAid. Millions of people depend on it