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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Christ Pantocrator

News yesterday of an important new work by Aidan Hart whose work will be familiar to many but not in mosaic form. This image shows 'work in progress' giving an idea of scale of the mosaic which has been installed above the entrance porch of the church of St Martin in Roath, Cardiff. This is one of the churches which featured in an entry twelve months ago after being targeted by Muslims who have been going around the country trying to convince people that Jesus was a Muslim! What a magnificent response.

A link from the church website gives access to some superb singing by their liturgical choir. For anyone in  the Cardiff area on Palm Sunday (24th March 2013) the liturgical choir sings the St John Passion with an icon based devotional presentation starting at 7.30pm. The best of both worlds AMDG.

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