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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


What links these four men?

- Islam!

The prime Minister and his Deputy are considering a plan to replace existing peers including Anglican bishops with a multi-faith chamber that would include Muslim imams.

The two asylum seekers taking advantage of the British welfare system are Muslin imams who have been plotting our downfall.

Bizzare isn't it!


  1. Not quite sure what your point is.

  2. Thank you for your comment Stephen. I'm sorry if the message was lost in the brevity of my humour. It is summed up in the second link by the former Home Secretary David Blunkett:

    "I still don't think we fully have grasped collectively the challenge that we face from those whose whole raison d'etre is to use our democracy and freedom against us and to carry through what they see as their life's work in destroying everything we stand for."

    I am not implying that all imams have the same specific agenda but all share the same religious ideology which recognises no God but Allah and believe that we should acknowledge that.

    "The treatment of non-Muslims is carefully spelled out in classical Islamic teaching. Pagans are to be fought until they convert to Islam, but Jews and Christians (known as the People of the Book) are permitted to practise their faith within the Islamic state. This is however conditional on them conforming to various demeaning regulations designed to reinforce their lowly dhimma status in comparison with Muslims. One particular condition imposed on them was the payment of a special poll-tax called the jizya. Like women, they receive less compensation and their testimony carries less weight than that of a Muslim man."
    -'What is Islam' The Barnabas Fund.

    If the two Abu's managed to deceive the authorities under the watch of the security authorities, how can we know the agendas of others imams?

  3. Thank you for your detailed reply. I understand where you're coming from now. Unfortunately, this is one of the very few issues where humour and brevity don't help.

    As to the "poll-tax", how is this different from, for example, the tax that was frequently imposed on the Jews in England? Or is one of your contentions that we have learned better?

    How can we know the intentions of anyone? If so many priests have managed to deceive the authorities and go on to commit heinous crimes against children, how can we be sure that other priests aren't as big a danger? It's risky to use the same brush to paint two colours.

  4. Sometimes it is easier to make a point with humour but clearly it was lost on you on this occasion Stephen. I was making no particular point on the "poll tax". I was simply quoting an authoritative source on the plight of those living under Islamic domination. Whilst I do not excuse the abuse of children in any way, a little research will help you see that abuse by clergy is less than in the general population. Nevertheless, this small proportion is frequently used for clergy bashing but is not comparable to a belief in the Islamic world that all non-believers are fair game.