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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cameron goes Merkel on Multiculturalism

Not before time, David Cameron has echoed Angela Merkel's claim that "State multiculturalism has failed." In his speech at a security conference in Munich today, the Prime Minister accepted that multiculturalism has left some members of the white community feeling unfairly treated. He said that racism and intolerance are rightly condemned “but when equally unacceptable views or practices have come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious, frankly too fearful, to stand up to them.” 

Predictably Muslim organisations are already playing the victim with ridiculous cries of Islamophobia and racism which are designed to silence critics of abhorrent practices. Whether or not their complaints are genuine we cannot tell because their religion encourages deception to further its cause. This highlights the essential problem which Cameron glosses over. At the heart of Islam is a totally alien creed which not only condones violence but actively encourages it to extend its influence to the detriment of other religions. Under Islamic regimes Christian churches are burnt often with worshippers inside them while we allow mosques and so called Islamic centres to expand producing more and more Islamic communities within, rather than integrated with British society. This is a well tried religious strategy, particularly in deprived areas. The local population is drawn into a culture which provides recreational facilities people might not otherwise enjoy. People are thereby encouraged to become Muslims, a simple procedure but once in, the way out is punishable by prison or death under Sharia law. 

David Cameron makes a distinction between "Islam [which] is a religion observed peacefully and devoutly by over a billion people" and political Islam. The problem for non-believers is that there is no difference. A majority of Muslims may worship peacefully but non-believers are still regarded as inferior in their own land because Muslims regard all land as belonging to Allah. That view leads to the Islamification of communities. Integration should not be an optional extra. To avoid further expansion there should be no more mosques, no exceptions for state support of multiple wives and their families (which would give rise to charges of bigamy in other circumstances) and a change in our education system which currently favours non-English speakers at the expense of indigenous families by soaking up scarce resources in our schools.

Today also saw what turned out to be a peaceful protest by the English Defence League. Whatever one's views about the EDL, apart from lone voices worried about their children and grandchildren, this is one organisation that takes the threat of Islamisation seriously. Rather late in the day our politicians are catching up but Cameron has already been criticised. He must now maintain the lead encouraging other parties to join him in a united front in defence of our Christian values and not bow to the sort of intimidation he referred to in his speech.


There is an excellent response 07 February 2011 at 02:13 by 'Kate' in reply to comments on a New Statesman article here.

Still not convinced? try this video.

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