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Monday, 8 November 2010

Integrity v. Duplicity

Today His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury announced the resignations of two Bishops, Andrew Burnham and Keith Newton, and "will now set in train the process for filling the vacant sees". Later reports indicate that five bishops have 'quit'.

Rumour has it that when Bishop David Thomas retired in 2008 the Archbishop of Wales declared that there would be a replacement over his dead body, ignoring the original intention of care for those who opposed the ordination of women when the measure was carried at their Governing Body.

Whatever one thinks about the ordination of women, Abp Rowan Williams has always acted with integrity respecting those who do not share his conviction. Abp Morgan by comparison appears to want only what he wants ignoring his mentor's example just as he has ignored the example of the One he professes to follow leaving a significant part of his flock without the pastoral and sacramental oversight they pray for.

Deprived of leadership, the faithful in Wales have yet to experience the exciting possibilities offered by an Ordinariate but as the Church in Wales declines, a leader may yet arise out of its dying body.

1 comment:

  1. Here, here. Well said Ancient Briton!

    With two bishop's on its pay roll, statistics reveal, that the diocese of Llandaf has the least number of communicants throughout the province of Wales. How on earth do these two keep their jobs? In other areas of life, redundancy, or a long walk would be a reasonable option. Off with their heads, and be done old chap!