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Thursday, 6 May 2010

‘X’ – How to use it wisely

Today is decision day. Some will already have cast their votes while others, unless they have an unbending party allegiance, still look for inspiration. There is no point in looking to the press, since most of the newspapers serve their paymasters not the readers.

I have generally regarded the BBC as impartial but today the Mail Online runs the story: “For days the BBC has been banging the drum for the Lib Dems. But then we should never underestimate their hatred of the Tories”. ‘Hatred’; that’s a bit strong but we know where the The Mail is coming from. The BBC puts out a lot of information but not many people these days have the patience to listen/watch over an extended period which is one of the reasons I thought the CH 4 programme I blogged on previously so good.

One piece of advice I find myself out of step with is given by Cranmer in his Blog (see left) – not politically of course – who, in true blue, offers “Seven reasons for Christians to vote Conservative”. I understand where he is coming from but taking the Established Church as an example it’s a bit rich blaming politicians for being anti-Christian while Anglicans are governed by two-faced bishops with their clerical and lay supporters who have ratted on the orthodox in their flock for political correctness substituting feminism for faith. The church is becoming an ‘also ran’ so better to cast one’s vote for the common good free from religious prejudice.

From the discussions I have had, most are agreed that there has been too much personality and two little substance. This was borne out by one television programme I watched. It brought together twelve voters to give their opinions. For my money only one was worth listening to. Most simply spouted the lines picked up from TV with all the conviction of ventriloquist dummies while one had never even heard of Nick Clegg. Obviously saw no point in keeping herself informed.

In practice my vote will count for little having an MP with a healthy majority and an excellent record in the constituency so how I cast my vote is unlikely to make a huge difference. More generally I think it important that people vote for the system they believe in. That gets my vote, I think!


  1. Hello Sweetheart


  2. How thoughtful. An early (or late) Valentine - but with the 'X' omitted. As the Cons, Labs and particularly the Lib/Dems have just discovered, they are in short supply.