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Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy St David’s Day!

As the people of Wales celebrate their Patron Saint’s day, spare a thought for those who struggle to keep the faith of St David in the face of oppression from within their own church.
David was born on a cliff top during a violent storm near St David’s, Pembrokeshire, around the year 500. He was a renowned teacher and preacher who spread the Christian faith founding monastic settlements in Wales, Cornwall and beyond. Under his monastic rule monks lived on a diet of bread and water, pulled the plough without the assistance of animals and spent their evenings praying, reading and writing.
In the twenty first century a boy from Neath, Barry, b.1947, now reigns over what has become a rapidly declining church in which liberalism and ‘relevance to society’ have replaced the missionary zeal of ancient days and politics are more important than religion.
Denied meaningful Episcopal oversight in their own church, those wishing to uphold the Apostolic faith abandoned by their bishops have joined other similarly minded Anglicans in the United Kingdom in exploring (without commitment) what opportunities are available to them simply by registering their interest on a web site: [This new link replaces a link that has been lost. - Ed.]
Contrary to Christian teaching the petty minded Church in Wales’ establishment threatens the full might of the law against any ‘unauthorised’ use of their logo on this ‘unapproved’ web site. Clearly the pen has become mightier than the plough in the Church in Wales as it sinks into oblivion.
Happy St David’s Day!


  1. Of course a major difference between St David and his current successor is that the former was a unifying force for the Welsh church, whereas the latter has operated to fracture such unity. In reality, with falling attendance numbers and a general feeling of atrophy and decay, Archbishop Barry is only Archbishop of 1.3% of Wales. The Archdruid probably has a stronger following. St David, pray (or weep) for us.

  2. hey petros - happy St.David's Day.
    Here's a poser for you - I wonder if you are able to throw any light or indeed provide any clues in order to enable me to solve Wales's best kept secret - Who was the pillion rider on the golf buggy - we all know carried the can and the caddy; name and shame the accessory I say and power to the people.

  3. Your wish may be granted later today if revealed in court; otherwise, as the 'second man' was released without charge British fair play should hide his shame. Petros