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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Let him burn!

Hindu traditionalist has won the right to be cremated in Britain on an open funeral pyre so that his spirit can be released into the afterlife. A few days ago Britain's first Asian judge said Sikhs should be allowed to wear their ceremonial daggers - known as Kirpans - to school and other public venues.

Muslims and Sikhs are of course allowed to wear hijabs and religious kara bangles respectively, but Christians may be asked to remove Christian crosses or hide them from sight for fear of offending non-Christians.

Great in Britain if you are one of the 6% belonging to a non-Christian faith.


  1. hey petros - just noticed the above - think the status quo should be maintained as the next urging from the great and good will be to allow suttee, and as a man of the world such as yourself must have observed we currently let people die in this country before we burn 'em. Have fun - and power to the people.

  2. Quite so but he was making his own arrangements.
    Anyone wishing to join him may have to take up pole vaulting depending on the height of the wall. Petros