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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

From equality to mediocrity

Source: BBC

The end, on a show of hands.

The mighty Church of England reduced to a debating chamber making up their own rules contrary to the faith of the Apostolic Church and ignoring the wiser counsel of the majority of Anglicans, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

It is said that our Primus inter pares, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had 'worked hard for it'. He summed up his respect for the Catholic faith with the comment that "we rejoice that we have this opportunity to show a point"! He added that "there are some remarkable women - there are some very wonderful ones". An odd statement if one looks at the historic faith of the Church.

Some 'remarkable women' in the past would have been of the standing of Julian of Norwich. In its new, dumbed-down, secularised faith it is the likes of WATCH lobbyists and their supporters who can't tell the difference between faith and equality, basing their 'theology' on the availability of 'promotion' in their chosen careers who are the new remarkable women: "This is the culmination of many people's lifetime's work and we've got there and it's been hard and its been painful and all we've achieved is equality. We are not looking for superiority for women but we do now have equality". - Hence the coaching lessons for women and enthusiasm to appoint "a woman bishop" regardless of the qualities of male candidates, not to mention Apostolic guidelines!

The pain continues for many of us. I am particularly saddened by the attitude of clergy I have worked with who have compromised their faith for their careers, their attitude to those who have not, and by their lack of concern for the souls of the faithful in their parishes who have been led to believe that the Church today is mainly about coffee, tea and crumpet with a little worship to maintain the glue of togetherness.

While the Archbishop of Canterbury speaks for those with a liberal bent, to give him some credit, he has been true to his promise to ensure all are made to feel welcome despite members of the nasty brigade  who suggested to the vicar in the BBC clip that he should now consider his position - echoes of "there is no place for you in this church" (here). In contrast His utter (dis)Grace the Archbishop of Wales continues his exit policy for anyone who follows Him rather than him.

Isn't it remarkable that after two thousand years of teaching from the Apostles, through the Saints and Doctors of the Church that we had to wait for Christina of WATCH and Barry of Neath to open our eyes to what they would have us believe Christ intended in His plea for unity.

If I may borrow a phrase from a 'remarkable woman' in the economic sphere, Christine Lagarde, "It is time that we reconciled ourselves to a “new mediocre”.

As ABC News puts it (here), the Church of England ends centuries of tradition. The historic change was reflected in the Church's short message announcing the news on Twitter, which had the hashtags #Historic #Synod and #ItisFinished.


  1. I know. I know... BUT they were also voting for the five guiding principles which allow those who do not share the theological convictions of their diocesan bishop to receive the sacramental and pastoral ministry of a bishop who does. While in Wales, we are told to like it or lump it by a sectarian bully masquerading as a bishop who claims to hold to catholic faith and order. At least the Church of England has retained some semblance of Anglican comprehensiveness and generosity - and has an archbishop who told trendy secularisers that promises had been made and he was determined to keep those promises.

  2. In time those who seek alternate episcopal oversight in the CofE will age out as will those bishops willing to provide such oversight with the eventual result looking shudderingly similar to TEc.

    1. I'm more hopeful, if I'm honest. Fr Philip North's appointment to Burnley (following the disgraceful episode in Whitby - and remember, Sentamu made those who opposed Philip North's appointment wait a very long time before he was prepared to appoint to Whitby again) does not suggest they are appointing traditionalists on a short-term basis. My guess is that the evangelical bishop with a traditional view of headship will be a younger priest, too. It all points-up Byzantine B's lack of Anglican generosity and comprehensiveness.

  3. It is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to leave the church where I have worshipped all my life. I have learnt to love God at the feet of godly men who spoke only the truth and I have served as Curchwarden, Lay Reader, Choir member and lover of Bible study groups. Since I moved to live inn North Wales a few months ago I have realised that the church I loved is a false church feeding people an easy life where the faith has become almost a pick-and-mix. Having read a considerable amount about the goings on in the CHurch in Wales, and its treatment of Credo Cymru I am 'crossing the Tiber' Since I moved here I have been made extremely welcome at my local Roman Cathholic Church, a church full each Sunday with all generations. The Word of God is preached faithfully and honestly, with just the right amount of challenge, and I know that the sacrament is right and true. This is a massive step but I cannot remain in a church which has strayed so far from its beginnings I suspect that I shall not be the last!

    1. 31,046
      And dropping like a stone in a pond.

    2. Congratulations Sister Julian for your courage and your frank honesty. 'Home' is the only place to be, where we know the Sacraments are true and the Authority in the Church is secure and safe.

    3. Knight on the Green19 November 2014 at 19:30

      @Llandaff Pewster – shall we start taking bets for when the attendance figure drops below 30,000? I reckon it could be September 2015.

    4. @Knight on the Green
      I reckon that particular destrier has already bolted good Sir.
      Between those leaving for the Ordinariate, for the Orthodox Church and the elderly CinW traditionalist stalwarts dropping off their perches, the figure of 30,000 might already be overly generous.



      As Darth ++Insidious, the bunglers on the bench, his coven and the glove puppet continue to alienate those who hold opinions contrary to their own, by every conceivable measure the CinW is en route to disaster.

      In contrast, viewing numbers for the Ancient Briton blog soar so congratulations to AB on passing the 1/2 million mark. A remarkable achievement that even combined, the CinW, Llandaff Diocesan and the (hopelessly primitive and tired) Llandaff Cathedral websites will be lucky to emulate before the total collapse of bazza's little realm.

    5. Sister Julian
      If your experience has been anything like my own, the church in which I was brought up ceased to exist decades ago.
      Websites, soundbites, press releases, conferences, gimmicks, fashions, fads and corrupting the faith handed down for 2000 years to pander to the latest whims of contemporary society are all the building blocks of a house constructed on sand, for which the outcome is inevitable.
      As Christ said, the priests praying loudly and publicly in the temple have already had their reward : the Arch druid and his minions will surely get theirs.

      Walk with Christ, store your treasures in Heaven and don't look back, sister.

  4. I was there and it was a grim, ghastly, debilitating experience to watch the archbishops sign away the apostolic order of the Church of England, leaving me and many like me, stateless. The promises made to secure the legislation are already being talked down, and clergy bullied by prominent bishops in their own dioceses. Thank goodness the Ordinariate is ready to receive us.

    1. It is not only prominent clergy who are being bullied. I know of two parishes in the CofE, which had passed the ABC resolutions, they are currently in interregnum. The archdeacon has visited both parishes and told the PCCs that unless they remove the ABC resolutions they will be suspended and eventually closed. However, if the remove ABC they will be rewarded with a new incumbent. Who said the dark arts were a thing of the past?

  5. But, why should we give into them?

    1. Barry, the self styled 'Archbishop of Wales', is the victim/subject of the 'Hubris' syndrome. Unfortunately there is no known cure.