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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Slap for Rowan

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, was slapped in the face yesterday by the very people he has done most to help, today's clergy.

True to form, women from 'Women and the Church' (WATCH) were yelling discrimination because the Archbishop dared to show Christian charity towards their brothers and sisters in Christ who do not share the secular values peddled by their organization. Of all people, Rowan Williams has done more than anyone to further the cause of women in the church. The last thing he would do would be to undermine the authority he has sought for them. Yet when he and the Archbishop of York pleaded for tolerance they slapped him in the face claiming that concern for others would make female bishops second class. The concession was hardly earth-shattering, merely that 'traditionalists' should, as promised, be accorded an honoured place in their church.

I am reminded of the woman who, when the measure to allow the ordination of women to the priesthood went through commented, we are in control now and will make these people suffer as we have suffered. Says much for their idea of Christianity. Synod should know what to do next.


  1. Who would blame him for wanting to retire now back to academic life? But it doesn't seem to be like him to want to abandon his flock - unlike some of those in the House of Clergy, who were probably voting for future preferment.

  2. Did that kindly woman rise to become an Archdeacon somewhere? And did she not find this ministry a bit limiting? Welsh Vicar

  3. Roman Catholics hold the view that they are being faithful to the Scriptures AND Apostolic Tradition when they affirm that the Catholic Church quite simply cannot ordain women - even if one day they have to suffer the revenge of that nice lady's own apostles. I'm glad I'm a Catholic. Being thrown to the lions means instant access to Heaven - important point, because I believe in Purgatory too. Would prefer to give it a miss if possible even though it is only temporary. Mind you, dear St Catherine of Sienna says, "When a soul learns it is destined for Purgatory, it throws itself in with screams of joy!" Better than Hell if your life hasn't earned you instant Heaven. Now, where do bolshi priestesses land up I wonder?